Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Rayman Origins for the XBox 360

Since we got our XBox 360, I have been so impressed with the great selection of games available.  The children are really enjoying testing out titles from Ubisoft and the latest game was met with huge excitement.  The release of Rayman Origins hails the resurrection of a nineties gaming great.  The return of this platforming legend was met with nostalgic whoops of joy from my 15 year old who was brought up on the delights of the strangely fun character and his 2D adventures.

The game designers have returned to their roots reproducing the 2D side scrolling platform adventure in glorious high definition, with amazing artistry and awesome animation for a new gaming generation.  The gameplay is smooth and the landscape is captivating and full of whimsy.  The soundtrack to the game is full of quirky sound effects that add to the fun.  You can't help but grin.

The action is varied and in parts quite challenging, but it is non-stop, quite crazy and seriously entertaining.  There are over 60 levels, many of which can be revisited to discover new paths and secrets.  You can play solo or enjoy a four player co-op experience (but as we only have one controller we could only play individually taking it in turns to control the characters through the rich environment.)  The jump in/out co-op games allow other players to join in without affecting the game's progress.  Very useful if a youngster gets stuck and needs a helping hand.

The game sees you helping Rayman and his friends as they try to restore peace to the Glade of Dreams and kick the Darktoons out.  Will the hilarious heroes save their homeland?

With epic bosses to defeat, the end of level challenges test your gaming skills to the max.  Hand eye, co-ordination and speed are tested.  It was great to see Ella and her dad enjoying this classic platform game together again!  It will keep them occupied for quite a while!

I really loved the attention to detail that has been lovingly included in Rayman Origins.  Collecting Lums, Electoons and other items makes non-stop fun. The 100+ characters are all quirky and madcap. The younger children loved watching the game in play.  It really is like a sumptuous cartoon.  I love games like this because 2 year old Freddy is happy to watch it rather than demanding the TV's return to CBeebies!

Rayman Origins is available for Wii, PS3 and XBox.  The XBox version is currently £34.69.  Whether you are filled with Rayman nostalgia, or if you are a newcomer to this classic platformer, Rayman Origins is a great buy and you will not be disappointed!


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