Thursday, 15 December 2011

Renew You Pure Radiance Review

The fourteen day intensive skin care programme comes in a neat little box with a pull out draw that is really quite unique.  Housed within are sachets containing everything you need to give your skin an intensive 2 week treatment to repair, deep cleanse and brighten, giving mature skin a revived, refreshed look.

Everyday for the 2 weeks you use the Ultra Luminous cream in the mornings.  Individual daily sachets give you measured quantities of the cream and keep it fresh every day.  I found the cream was very rich and after using a full sachet on day 1 quickly decided to use just half the quantity.  A full sachet felt greasy on my skin and I had to use tissue to remove the residue.  Using half the amount was perfect and my skin felt hydrated and soft.  Plus I have extra days worth of treatment to use!  It evens out skin tone and gives a dewy look to your complexion.

In addition to the daily moisturising regime. There are face masks to use on specified evenings.

The Smooth and Define masks are made of cloth impregnated with a white clay treatment.  The masks were really easy to use and not at all messy.  After 20 minutes of relaxation you simply peel it away and rinse away the residue and follow with a contouring serum.  Instantly afterwards my skin felt smoother and softer and really fresh and clean.

The Active Firming Collagen masque is a more traditional face pack that was really rich and creamy.  It felt very moisturising and hydrating, but was a little greasy and my least favourite of the treatments.

The final Pure Radiance mask was a two piece hydrogel mask.  It was so relaxing and nourishing.  I'd never experienced a mask like it and it felt so pampering.  I don't know if I looked younger, but I felt really revitalized afterwards.

I noticed some positive effects.  During the winter I get some very dry skin patches on my face.  During this 14 day regime I have had no dry skin at all.  The tone of my skin seems more refined and smoother with a more youthful appearance.  My complexion looks less tired and brighter, after all I've been pampering myself for 14 days!

It was nice to have a structured program to follow.  I generally am quite lazy when it comes to my skin care routine so having the 14 day regime made me have to dedicate some me-time to myself.  Relaxing for 15 minutes with the masks gave me an opportunity to unwind which is good for my whole demeanour.   This was an added luxury to the kit.  

Overall, I think this anti-ageing Intensive Skin Repairing Programme is an indulgent treat to pamper yourself with.  It is nice to have all the elements needed packed in one handy box with full instructions and a handy calendar.  It would be lovely to use in the lead up to a big event or holiday to make you look and feel your best.  Renew You Pure Radiance is made by Montagne Jeunesse and is available to purchase from their website for £34.95.  

I did this review on behalf of All About You.  


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