Thursday, 8 December 2011

Plenty For BIG Messes

Christmas is coming and this can lead to lots of mucky messes!  Spilled stuffing, messy mulled wine, dropped Drambuie or tumbled trifle!  Don't let the party season panic you!  Fear is at hand because Plenty, the nation's favourite household towel just keeps getting bigger!  The BIG One gives you extra help when you need it most.

Plenty The Big One comes with the same absorbency, strength and reusabilty, but the sheets are 50% bigger, making it big enough and versatile enough for almost any job inside or outside your home, tackling the trickiest of tasks.  So when you are entertaining guests this year, keep cleaning up as stress free as possible with Plenty!  And as one sheet can be rinsed and reused, one sheet really can do plenty!!

As well as coping with any culinary calamities and mucky mop ups, Plenty The Big One can come to your rescue in lots of situations.  Check out these top tips!

  • If you are a dog lover, coming home from a long Christmas walk with your canine friend, instead of using a towel to wipe down your soggy doggy, use The Big One and then throw them away!  No more wet, smelly towels to deal with!
  • Keep your car spotless by wiping dashboards and polishing wheel trims.  The large sheets will cope with larger tasks keeping your car shiny!  You'll impress the neighbours with your clean car!
  • Clean the conservatory and windows before the frost sets in, using a little vinegar.  Buff with a dry sheet for a smear free finish.  This also will keep your mirrors sparkling!
  • Muddy footprints being trailed through the house?  These extra large sheets can tackle the mess!
  • Stop pre-packed salad leaves from going soggy by popping a sheet in with leaves and refrigerating.
  • Wrap a sheet around a ruler to clean behind your radiators.
  • Place a couple of sheets of Plenty on top of almost cooked rice and leave for 5 minutes.  It will absorb excess moisture.

For more great tips and ideas on how to use Plenty for your cleaning needs visit

*Juan Sheet sent me a Big Gift but I was under no obligation to write about Plenty The Big One!*


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