Saturday, 7 September 2013

What Fred Said about School #saiditsaturday

Freddy started school on Wednesday.  My little, tiny 4 years and 2 month old baby is now officially a full-time school boy.  He handled the transition beautifully and has settled in really well.  He was very tired on Friday afternoon and I think that next week, which is a full five day week, will be a challenge.  But I am extremely proud of my little lad.  He is a star!


He has told me lots of things all about school:

"It is really boring for mummies and daddies."

"My homework is to do playing."

Me: Have you made friends?
Freddy: Yes.
Me: Do they have names?
Freddy: Yes, everyone in my class has a name.

My favourite part of school is doing my homework!" (As he told us that homework is playing, this comes as no surprise!)

Freddy and his cousin and classmate A were discussing why their regular teacher was not in school for the first week:

Freddy:  I think she has problems in her house.
Cousin A:  I think she went on holiday or died!

"The teacher reads lots of stories.  My favourite was about that elephant who went slow, slow, slow, boom, boom, boom!"

"My blue sweatshirt is too soft and makes my tummy feel rumbly!"

I bumped into someone, BOOM, cried and needed an ice pack." (My poor little soldier!!)

I hope Freddy continues to tell me his stories about school, sharing his days with me.  I can't believe that my baby has taken his first step into his school career.  Now I just need to decide what to do with my days without my little boy to look after!


  1. Haha smart lad - I totally want my homework to be playing too ;)

  2. aww bless him, so cute...I wish homework had been the same when I was at school!

  3. Ah I could have read a post 10 times this length if it was all like this. Could not get enough. Was very sad when it ended. I think I need to spend a day of hearing Fred-isms from dawn till dusk :-) xxx

  4. Ahhh how sweet, if life was only that simple it would be so nice bless him!

  5. Can't believe my little boy has started school. He's taken it all in his stride, so proud. Love him to bits.

  6. I am so thrilled that Freddy has settled in so well at school - the things that he told you about his days at school were hilarious. He is a good boy and Grandad and I are very proud of him. xxx

  7. Yes all the children in my class have names! Brilliant! :)

  8. They say the funniest things don't they? The Boy has been telling me the bare minimum, I worry that he's not socialising enough. And I know the one you've said about filling your days.



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