Sunday, 1 September 2013

What Fred Said About Dr.Who!

This week, my favourite thing that Freddy said was when he was telling me all about Dr. Who.  He plays a Dr.Who game on Ian's iPhone and was explaining about the baddies that Dr.Who has to defeat.  I thought it was beautifully hilarious that instead of saying "Daleks", Freddy called them "garlics"!  Maybe they exterminate people with their garlic breath?!


  1. Ha Wendy this is brilliant!! So so funny, I may have laughed out loud!
    The funny things they say are just brilliant and I love reading everyone else's as well as sharing my own :D!

  2. hahaha! So cute x

  3. Dad and I haven't stopped laughing since reading your blog. Children say the most amazing things and that is what makes them so special. Furthermore you, as a parent, will never forget what Freddy said about Dr. Who - by the way those garlics look great. xxx

  4. It's hilarious the way when they hear a word they assume it is the nearest equivalent to one that they know, OR when they want to use a word, they pick one they think will do. A few weeks ago I got Aaron into water pistols and he used to say "I'm going to spit you" as he just assumed that'd work ha ha! Watching his language build up is like watching someone learn a foreign language. I wish I started #saidItSaturday ages ago as his speech is near perfect now, so the things he says won't be nearly as funny but having said that he still makes me laugh everyday with how forward he is.

    Thanks so much for a great post and for hooking up.

    Hugs, Liska xx



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