Friday, 30 August 2013

Free Soft Play with Bassetts Soft and Chewy Vitamins

Although I try to give my kids a good balanced diet, I still like giving them vitamins to support their health and give their diets a nutritional boost.  Bassetts Soft and Chewy Vitamins are great for little ones because even the most reluctant eater will be happy to eat the child friendly pastille. They come in fruity flavours and have a chewy texture that children will enjoy.  Freddy has tried both the Strawberry and Orange flavours and loves taking his vitamin supplement after breakfast.

Children will be even happier to take their vitamins at the moment, because of an on-pack promotion that gives free entry to one of 200 soft play centres, worth up to £6, with every packet.  Soft play is guaranteed high-energy entertainment, whatever the weather which allows kids to burn off excess energy and have fun and get exercise, while mums can keep an eye on them with a cup of coffee.  As a recent survey found that three quarters of British mums enjoy treating their children to a soft play day, this promotion is a win-win for everyone!

soft play

All you need to do is visit the website and enter the unique code and a few details, and they will email you a voucher.  Take the voucher and the original label into your chosen venue and the kids can enjoy a fun soft play session for free.  You can redeem two vouchers per seven days and they are valid until 31/05/14.  It's a great promotion and I will be taking Freddy along to our local Wacky Warehouse using the voucher codes on the packs that we were sent to try.  A perfect end to the summer holidays!


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