Thursday, 23 February 2012

Reasons To Be Cheerful

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

I can't believe we are racing towards the end of another week.  Time to take stock again and give thanks for all the good bits!

1:  The sun shining today gave us a taste of Springtime, which I hope will soon be upon us for real.  The sunshine always makes things feel better!  It was the first day that I didn't crank the heating up in the car on the school run.  It'll soon be air con time :)

2:  Kizzy was announced as the Face of  Princess Galt.  We attended an official photoshoot where some absolutely stunning professional photos were taken.  She was an absolute star and did her mummy (and Galt Toys) proud!

3:  Operation De-Clutter went off to a flying start with a car boot sale held at the local sports hall.  We did really well making over £100 on the kids' old toys and other bits and bobs that we'd sorted out.  The thing that I liked best was seeing our pre-loved toys re-housed with new boys and girls.  Lots of children were made very happy getting something new to play with.  It is recycling at its very best!
Plus it takes us one step further towards our ultimate goal of moving house.  We've seen some amazing homes in our price range in a lovely little town close to Northampton.  It makes me believe that it is an achievable plan!

4:  Freddy's new glasses are proving a bit of a challenge, but he is getting better at keeping them on with every passing hour.  This makes me think they must be doing some good and getting his eye working.  He looks so cute in them too!



  1. Congratulations to Kizzy and well done on the car boot

  2. I enjoyed the sunshine today too. Definitely a reason to be cheerful.

  3. congrats to Kizzy....yeeehhh for Freddie, and what do you mena nother week gone in, try another month nearly over....

  4. Oh don't tell me that...a sixth of the year gone already!!! It'll be Christmas before we know it!!

  5. Sunshine always does it for me, especially after all the grey, miserable weather we've been having! x

  6. congrats on your little model!

  7. My twins wear glasses too and I'm so proud that they haven't lost or broken them even once this year :)

    New follower here!

  8. I hope Freddy does as well as your twins! Thank you for the follow :) x

  9. Discontented Mother24 February 2012 at 20:05

    Great list. Well done to your kids.

  10. You really have got lots of reasons to be cheerful - there are bound to be setbacks but overall you've got a gorgeous family who know how much you love them. Ian is a tower of strength and a wonderful person to have around and, apart from the occasional cold, you are all pretty healthy. So, when you are feeling a bit below par, just look at your family and enjoy their love and vitality and be proud of who you all are.

  11. I was so pleased to see some Spring weather arrive too and lovley news for Kizzy - big well doen to her.

    Mich x



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