Thursday, 23 February 2012

How To Make a Toddler Wear Glasses

Yesterday we picked up Freddy's new glasses!  The trendy Mr Bump blue frames are very smart and stylish, a million miles away from the old NHS specs from my childhood.  They  make Freddy look very cute.

The right lens is just clear glass and I was shocked that the left lens was quite so strong and magnified.  My poor little man has soldiered on with really poor vision in that eye.  It is remarkable how well children can adapt to something that an adult would struggle with and moan about!

At first Fred was not interested in putting them on.  He liked it when his toys put them on, when we put them on and even when the apple he had for his mid-morning snack put them on.  But he was not impressed having to look through them himself.  Ella, Kizzy, Nana and Grandad all put on their glasses to show Freddy how cool they looked, but he was still reluctant to wear them.  I'm sure they must make his poor eye feel strained as it tries to start working again.  It must seem very odd to a 2 year old who doesn't fully understand what it's all about.
Not Quite Right
As ever, my lovely virtual friends on Facebook offered me solutions, ideas and advice and just discussing the problem really helped.  Thank you all for your much appreciated support :)

I've discovered that doing an activity with him that requires close-up vision is the best way to get him to comply.  I tell him that if he looks through the 'magic windows' he'll see things better.  I get him to look at things and describe colours and shapes to focus his eyes.  We did a whole hour playing with Duplo in his glasses this morning which is a real positive step.  Lots of praise and encouragement is the key...along with lots of distraction.  He is getting less opposed to them and the odd bribe reward seems to work well too.  I'm not going to make a huge deal out of it as I don't want him to become spectacle-phobic!  So I'm being relaxed and giving him breaks and not pressuring him.  Afterall it's early days!

My New Glasses
His next appointment is for six weeks time.  I really hope it shows that his left eye has had its vision kick-started.  We've caught it early and time is on our side.  Eyesight is such a valuable thing and I''l do all I can to get Freddy's problem resolved....even resorting to Jelly Tot rewards for keeping his specs on!


  1. Bless him, it'll take a bit of time as you say but he will soon be upset if he doesn't have them on as he realises how much easier it makes playing etc x

  2. ahh what a cutie...professor Freddy! x

  3. Aw, I'm glad he seems to be getting on with them a bit better now and hope the link I sent via Facebook helped somewhat. My friends Son (now 18!) had to have glasses and she found it hard at first, but like everything he soon got used to it. Hope his next appointment goes well xxx
    p.s. He looks adorable!

  4. Thanks so much for the link, it really made me feel better about it all and gave me some ideas. I was feeling so stressed, but he's much better with them today so I'm more positive! xxx

  5. He looks intelligent...just like his mother!!

  6. He does seem to be happier in them today. Fingers crossed it will become normal to him soon :) xxx

  7. We found that once MIni realised he could see better with his glasses on, he kept them on. I never offered a reward for it, we just told him that it was not negotiable and they had to stay on all the time, like mine and his Dads.

  8. How old was your Mini when he first got his glasses, Jen? Freddy doesn't really understand it at all. I don't know if I should just force the issue or take a softer approach when he decides he's had enough of the. None of us wear glasses (except the girls for reading). I keep telling him he's like Harry Potter!! xxx

  9. He was 18 months. We took the advice of the optician, who told us to just keep putting them back on when he took them off, plus he had curled sides, which made it more difficult for him to remove them himself. I think they start to catch on pretty quick, plus we think Mini got headaches without his glasses

  10. My friend's daughter went through exactly the same thing at about the same age - she did exactly what you are doing and not making a big fuss. Eventually, H realised that it was better for her to ahve on than off!!

    He looks uber cute doesn't he?!

  11. There are some great tips. I was lucky Lucas liked wearing his & was at nursery with others wearing glasses & his cousin who is the same age wears them. However he doesn't notice much different wearing his glasses, but he still wears them, it's the patch I'm having difficulty with now. Good luck Freddy. x

  12. It's a good thing that the problem with Freddy's eye has been found early and I do sincerely believe that, because of this, things will improve and hopefully get better.
    I have to say, however, that Freddy looks gorgeous on the rare occasions he puts
    his glasses on.



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