Monday, 7 November 2011

Winter Worries

After all the mild weather we've been having, it was quite a shock waking up to a frosty, winter morning today.  The car windscreen needed scraping for the first time since last winter.  The gossamer spiders' webs looked beautiful, bejewelled with iciness. We could see our breathe hanging in the air.  There was at last a real sense that winter was looming.

I was glad that we had been shopping yesterday to buy scarves, hats, gloves and coats for the girls. Perfect timing!  All the recent news about the approaching cold fronts from Siberia, may actually prove to to true.  I just hope we are not thrown into the unbelievably, awful freezing conditions we had last winter.

Just in case, I've ordered snow socks for the front tyres of my car.  Last year I was resorted to tears more than once as my car slid across icy roads.  I hate feeling out of control!  So hopefully these will give me the bit of extra traction I need to keep my car going in the direction I want it to go.  I've also invested in my annual pair of fur lined boots to keep my feet cosy for the next few months.  I'm all prepared for what nature throws at us this year.

I'm trying to resist the urge to order 50kg rock salt.  There was a well timed leaflet pushed through the letterbox yesterday, clearly targeted at the worriers of the world like me!   I think my "be prepared" ethos may be getting out of hand.  I'll be ordering a snow plough next, if this obsession for coping with the winter continues to escalate.

Because I am so prepared, it probably means we will have a really mild winter.  It's usually the way.  If I stock up on Factor 50 sun cream, you can guarantee we won't have a good summer.  After buying new waterproofs for everyone for a weekend away, there wasn't a cloud in the sky.  It seems that whatever I prepare for, the opposite happens.  So, hopefully my investments for an Arctic winter will guarantee that it will be snow free. (With the concession of a glorious flurry for Christmas morning!) Time alone will tell!

In the meantime I will snuggle under my slanket (all you haters out there don't know what you are missing!), crack out my thermal vests and enjoy the latest Christmas offerings from Starbucks while I wait and see if my preparations have been made in vain!

Day 7 #NaBloPoMo


  1. Oooh I love my slanket! Amazing invention heehee! I really like the winter months but I must say I'm so glad I don't have to get up to go to work in the cold. No scraping at 6am for me :)
    Great post x

  2. Theramblingpages7 November 2011 at 11:14

    God I hope you are right and the winter is mild. I am already panicking about having to be in Windsor for a meeting on the 19th December and Mini Man being in the school nativity in Yorkshire on the 20th at 10.30am. The meeting goes on into the evening so I could either drive and leave late after the meeting or about 5.30am on the 20th to get back but I am petrified that it will be icy or snowy and I do not want to miss the play. I did consider the trian but it will take 5 and a half hours and won't get me home in time (the first train out of Windsor is not early enough). Where did you get these snow socks from? My husband got snow tyres last year for his car, and you could feel a difference when driving but I don;t do enough mileage to warrent getting them for mine for this one journey.

  3. Got to be worth a try for the school runs and shopping trips I think!! Good luck with the 19/20 December. Let's hope we have a better winter this year. I'm going away for Christmas and have visions of getting snowed in or unable to get there!! Fingers crossed for us both :) x

  4. I hope you are wrong - I broke my arm the day before Christmas Eve last year - it made trying to get the turkey out of the oven very 'interesting' ;) But it's left me with an even greater fear of ice.

    I think I'll just stock up the cupboards just in case!

  5. I watched a program last night saying we will have snow this year but there is no way of knowing where, when and how much! They did however say that generally if it is a good berry year it will be a hard winter and we have apparently had a good berry year! I personally love the snow but I do think as a country we need better preparation - many people don't know how to safely drive in snow - and the country shouldn't grind to a halt! Thats what I hate about snow!!

  6. I must confess I have never heard of snow socks before but what a wonderful idea if it stops the car from skidding. I read your blog with great interest and think you are very wise to be prepared for the worst senario.

  7. I enjoyed my first Christmas Starbucks of the year today and very yummy it was as well.

    Stay warm in your slanket! x



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