Sunday, 20 November 2011

Toys for Grown-Up Boys...Micro Scooters

He might be 42 years old, but you should have seen my husband's face light up with child-like glee when he saw the Black Micro Sprite Scooter that we were sent to test out.  This two wheeled scooter is perfect for adults, although as it is height adjustable, children can enjoy playing on it too (if they get a look in after dad gets his hands on it!!)

This innovative scooter folds up compactly and is very lightweight at just 2.7kg.  The high quality Swiss design puts it in a class above cheaper models.  The tough PU wheels are 100mm and 120mm in diameter.  The deck measures 35cm and has a grip finish.  It takes weights of up to 100kg.  The easy-fold mechanism opens up with a couple of simple movements and the handle bar is adjustable to suit a range of heights.  It looks great in black and silver aluminium.

 The scooter may be lightweight but it feels robust and well put together.  The ride is very smooth and easy to manage.  You can feel the quality of the design as you scoot around.  It handles well on cornering and picks up quite a speed!  There is a kickstand so the scooter stands up, so you won't scratch the paintwork by dropping it on the floor after use.

Here is a video of Ian demonstrating the Black Micro Sprite Scooter.

At £52.00, this scooter is more than just a great toy.  It is a green method of transport, an excellent way of getting exercise and having fun outdoors.  It would be ideal for the school run...your child could scoot to school and you could scoot back home again! Ian is very impressed with the Micro Scooter.  He liked the design, the mechanics and the fun factor!  It is both practical and functional.  It is nice to be able to play with the kids taking part in an activity that they really enjoy and keeping fit together.

This would make a really cool and unique gift idea for any fun loving parent.  Children aged 5 and over can use this scooter and it will last them for years making it excellent value.  Visit for more information.

*It is recommended that you use protective equipment and never use a scooter on roads.*


  1. I can see how pleased Ian was when the Micro Scooter arrived - he looked very relaxed on the video - what a great gift it would make for some lucky person at Christmas.

  2. Great but....... I think some Luminous green scooterbands would look hot on the black, Im so metro. ha ha

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