Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Perfect and Brighten with Click 'n' Conceal

I don't think I've had a reasonable night's sleep for a fortnight.  With all the bugs floating around my family, one or the other of us has been poorly and up in the night coughing.  Consequently my eye bags are in serious need of cosmetic camouflage.  Thank goodness for Gosh cosmetics new Click 'n' Conceal, a multi-purpose tube of magic which boosts skin radiance and waves good-bye to dark circles, blemishes and imperfections.

You click 2-3 times to release the required amount of product, which allows you to control how much you use with no accidental squirts or spills.  The concealer is lightweight and creamy, feeling comfortable on the skin.  When using concealer around the eyes it is vital that the product doesn't drag, cake or go powdery.  I was impressed with its moisturising texture that gave a seamless finish.  You can layer it to build the coverage you desire.  Light reflecting properties hide imperfections and give radiance to your skin.

The concealer is long lasting and looks quite natural on the skin.  It is available in three shades to match skin tone.  There is also a greenish one to counter redness which would be really useful in winter, the season of windblown cheeks and red noses.

The tube itself is perfect to pop into a handbag or make-up purse to take out for emergency touch ups!  It can be used alone or over or under foundation so it is very versatile.

The Gosh Click 'n' Conceal is exclusive to Superdrug stores or for £6.99.


  1. I wasn't impressed with this at all!!! Will be blogging in due course.....

  2. I look forward to reading it! Being a bit of a non-make-up type, they are all much of a muchness to me!! I wouldn't really know an expensive product from a bargain basement one! I need educating! xxx

  3. I need myself some of that- the one thing i hate the most is my eye bags. Um well that and my stomach! ;)

  4. The Gosh Click 'n' clear conceal sounds the perfect solution for tired looking eyes
    which we all suffer from at times. It sounds so easy to use and, after reading your
    blog, I would happily use this product. I think £6.99 is a reasonable price.



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