Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Music I want my children to listen to...

Just found this lovely linky on Ghostwritermummy's blog.  The idea is to write a post about the music you would like your children to listen to.  I am in an interesting position on this.  Having older children who have already made their minds up on this subject, it's no longer a case of what I want them to listen to, it's a case of do I approve?

I've always had an eclectic musical taste, so most things go.  Thankfully my children have all made good choices...we are a Bieber-free zone!

As a teenager, I was lucky enough to be taken to Glastonbury and to gigs by my older sister.  Bauhaus was the first gig I went to and I was in the mosh pit with punks...quite a culture shock!  I loved it though, being close enough to touch Pete Murphy!  They were quite influential to 'teen me' I immersed myself in their  blend of obscure lyrics and black lipstick!

Marillion was my next big musical crush.  I tirelessly listened to their prog-rock albums, relishing the pseudo-intellectual wisdom of Fish!  I saw them at Hammersmith Odeon on the Fugazi Tour.  It was an amazing concert with lots of extended guitar solos.  I still adore the Script for a Jester's Tear album.  Everything down to the amazing artwork to the lyrics on the inner sleeve resonated with me.  I still sing along to it now!

Other music I'd cite as being influential to me includes David Bowie, The Smiths, Echo and the Bunnymen and The Cure.  I was a real child of my time loving all the alternative music and dressing accordingly!

Two of my very favourite albums though are not in this genre.  For some reason Prince's Purple Rain became the theme tune to my late teens.  I adored his mix of funk, pop, electronic and R&B.  The fact that his backing singer Wendy was credited on this album gave me a sense of pride in my name!  I would extensively quote:
"Yes Lisa."
"Is the water warm enough?"
"Yes Lisa."
"Shall we begin?"
"Yes Lisa."
Suddenly my name (that I'd always hated) had an element of cool!

Meatloaf's Bat Out of Hell is my other favourite album.  I still can't get enough of the rocked out concept album and you will find me at karaoke parties thrashing out "Paradise by the Dashboard Light".  I adore the story and love belting out those songs!

These would be my recommendations to my children. Thankfully, their tastes have all proven to be good and they do not pigeon-hole themselves to one single genre.  Joe loves N-Dubz but also loves Eminem and Daughtry.  Megan thinks Brandon Flowers  "went inside my head, pulled out all my feelings and put them into song form." Our songstress Ella (named after Ella Fitzgerald) has taken her love of music to the next level, not only loving it but making it herself.  She is a guitarist, pianist, singer and songwriter with a talent that is developing before our eyes.  I am immensely proud of her :)


  1. Love your choices. Glad that our children have taken hints from our musical loves and woven them into there own unique tastes in music. Love you.XXX

  2. This is a really interesting post Wendy. I have exposed (she might ultimately say "subjected") my daughter to a range of music. I have pretty broad taste and she seems to be following suit.

    She plays piano (pretty damn well for an 8yo). Her piano teacher has always let her choose the pieces of music she wants to learn to play. Thus far, she is heavily into Blues and Rock and Roll.

    On the downside, we have, however, just entered the Beiber phase. The only good news I have to report here is that she currently thinks his name is Justin Beaver! And we do not yet own a Justin Beaver CD!

  3. I got a quote (: Proud! Haha, I think we all got our eclectic music taste and open mind from you and dad. How can we not love a bit of Meatloaf or a rock out to AC/DC... And I think you get influenced by us back. It's win win :D
    Love you xxx



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