Saturday, 5 October 2013

What Fred Said about Being Poorly, Praying and the Clouds.

Last week Freddy was a poorly boy, really wiped out by a nasty flu bug. After suffering from a raging temperature and doing nothing but sleeping or crying Freddy rallied round.  At 4.30am last Sunday morning Freddy suddenly woke up and loudly announced that  "my knee-caps were bright red and wobbly which made me dizzy, but now they are better".  Problem solved!

Freddy told me about his school day.
"We sing "Hosanna" then bow our heads, close our eyes and say some words, but I don't know why?"  I really need to explain religion to Freddy, especially as he goes to a C of E school, before he says something embarrassing! He has already got confused between Jesus and Mike the Knight.  What next?

The ethos of his school is obviously rubbing off because he also told me:

"Next birthday I will be five and in Year 1,  then I will look after the children in reception."

It was the element of care and the sense of being part of an extended family that made us want to send him to this school, so I was so happy to hear him volunteer this information to me.  I love his school.

On the drive to school Freddy asked me a scientific question:

"Mummy what are clouds  made of?"
Taking the chance to impress my son with my knowledge, I replied:
"Clouds are actually made up from tiny droplets of water that have...." *cue indignant and incredulous interruption from Freddy*
"Noooooo mummy, they are made of candy floss!" *tuts*

My absolutely favourite thing that Fred said this week was:

"Films are like stories that you watch."  

I loved this :)


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