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The Storecupboard Challenge #onamission

Five Ways with Wraps - quick and easy meal ideas using food from the store cupboard!

It's the final week of my Mission Wraps Lunch Less Ordinary Blogger Challenge.  So far I've let Freddy make lunch and eat it in a den, Kizzy has rapped a wrap rap, I've made wraps inspired by The Avengers and we've done a blind taste test of inventive wrap fillings.

This week is a challenge perfect for these times of austerity...we've been challenged to do a week of meals using store cupboard staples, Mission Deli Wraps and a meager £5 budget.  That is five meals using only things I've got in the house and a few essentials.  Not only do the meals have to be cheap they also have to be fun and make a lunch less ordinary for us to enjoy!  We need to be creative and outgoing and make something that stands out from the crowd.  Challenge accepted!!

My store cupboards and freezer are quite well stocked so with the £5 budget I purchased cheese (£1.67), eggs (£1), soya cream (79p) and mushrooms (£1).  These are the recipes I came up with, all made using tins and jars from my cupboard and packets from my freezer...and of course, Mission Deli Wraps. They are great recipes for using up leftover bits and bobs in the fridge, so use them as a guide for meal ideas and get creative.  I call it kitchen alchemy!!  Knock up a lunch less ordinary without spending too much of your hard earned money and without letting any of your weekly shopping go to waste!!!

Wrap Lasagne

An quick and easy alternative to pasta lasagne that fits perfectly into a round ovenproof dish!

Quorn mince
Can of green lentils
Carton of tomato and roasted onion passata
Squeezable garlic and basil taste
Mission Deli Wraps Wheat and White
Grated cheese


Put lentils, Quorn, passata and a teaspoon of basil and garlic paste in a saucepan and cook through.
Layer the filling with wraps in a round ovenproof dish  and sprinkle on grated cheese.
Bake it at GM6 for 25 minutes.
Serve cut into wedges.


Easy Enchiladas

A family favourite in our house! It's easy and you can use any leftovers to tweak the recipe.  Using a jar of ready made salsa (I use Morrison's value salsa which is only 69p) makes an excellent creamy enchilada topping sauce in a flash.

Quorn Pieces
Onion sliced
Mushroom Sliced
Sweetcorn (half a can we had leftover in the fridge!)
Can of butter beans
Sachet of Fajita seasoning

Quorn Multigrain Deli Wraps

Small pot of single cream
1 egg
Jar of salsa sauce (the sort you use to dip tortilla chips!)


Fry up the onions, Quorn pieces, mushrooms and seasoning.
Throw in beans and sweetcorn (and anything left lurking in the fridge!)
Roll a spoonful up in a wrap and put into ovenproof dish.
Make sauce by mixing egg, cream and salsa.
Pour over and sprinkle cheese on top.
Cook at GM6 for 25 minutes.

Mission Deli Wrap recipes

Wrap Bowls

A fun way to serve up any dinner leftovers or meals you have frozen.  Plus you can eat the serving bowl afterwards!!

1 Mission Deli Wrap per person
1 portion of stew, curry, bolognese sauce ...anything goes!

Make a tortilla bowl by pushing wraps onto the underside of a muffin pan and baking at GM 6 for 10 minutes until crispy.

recipe, vegetarian, wrap bowls

Serve with a tasty filling.  We used a homemade red lentil and chickpea curry that I had previously frozen in the freezer.
It's pretty, it's fun and it's totally delicious!

Tortilla wrap bowl, vegetarian

Mini Quiches

A super quick, super easy, healthy alternative to calorie and fat heavy pastry!  The wrap base is a perfect way of making a quiche using an egg and cheese and any chopped veg you have in the fridge!

(per six mini quiches)
1 Mission Deli wrap
1 egg
Grated cheese leftovers
Any finely chopped veg you have (we used some slightly bendy old spring onions!)
Ground pepper

vegetarian quiche recipe, low fat quiche

Using a cutter, or by cutting around a plastic cup with a sharp knife, make six rounds of wrap, slightly bigger than the holes in a fairy cake tray.
Whisk egg and add grated cheese...any types.  It's a great way of using up leftovers.
Add any chopped up vegetables you fancy.  Again, use up leftovers.
Season and then spoon onto wrap rounds.
Cook at GM6 for about 10 minutes.

veggie quiche, no pastry quiche

Crispy Crumb Topped Pasta

Making the mini quiches meant we had a lot of off-cuts of wraps, which we would not waste!  It wouldn't be in keeping with the store cupboard challenge!  So I used them to make a crumb topping.

Tortilla wrap off cuts
Parmesan cheese
teaspoon of mixed herbs
ground pepper

Mission Wraps

Put the ingredients into a food processor and blitz them to a fine crumb.
Make a pasta sauce (I used pasata, mushroom and Quorn pieces with Italian herb seasoning and garlic paste).
Pour over cooked pasta in an ovenproof dish.
Sprinkle over the crumb.
Bake at GM6 for 20 minutes.

vegetarian recipe, pasta

I am so impressed with how versatile Mission Deli Wraps are, and I have had so much fun experimenting with the food in my kitchen!

Thank you to Mission Deli Wraps for this fabulous challenge.  Follow Mission on Facebook   for lots of fun and inspiration plus details of how to win £10,000!!


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