Sunday, 13 October 2013

Our Spooky Fruit Monster Party #spookyfruit

Alex and Alexa have a great Halloween competition where creative families can win some brilliant Halloween goodies.  They are asking bloggers to come up with a new take on the traditional pumpkin Jack O'Lantern by crafting some spooky creations using different fruits.

So I bought a load of interesting fruits from the supermarket including figs, persimmon, dragon fruit, various berries, peppers, pomegranate and passion fruit and challenged Ella 17, Kizzy 11 and 4 year old Freddy to get creative and make spooky fruit monsters!


Freddy absolutely loved this challenge getting stuck in with various fruits and colourful berries to make a whole host of monsters, giant bugs, zombies, scarecrows and aliens.  He also made a wonderful hand-drawn sign for the display which directed monsters to come to the Spooky Fruit Monster Party which was the idea for their creation.  There was no stopping him!


It was amazing how many different designs the kids came up with.  They tried nibbling a few of the fruits along the way so it was interesting for them to discover some new tastes as well as fashioning those fruits into spooky designs.  They used raisins, nuts and a tube of icing to add on some of the details.  Cocktail and bamboo sticks helped hold the fruits together.

Halloween, monsters

I loved the banana ghosts, the dragon fruit monster, the avocado zombie and the satsuma pumpkin!  But Freddy's giant melon alien with his grape and berry antennae was just so cute.  I love what the kids did with a load of fresh fruit and their imagination.


Making fruit creations is a really fun activity for Halloween that little ones can get involved in.  Most of the  fruit can be eaten afterwards by making a giant fruit salad!  


My children did a great job and really enjoyed being creative and making their Spooky Fruit Monster Party display.  I love seeing Freddy working hard with his big sisters to make something together.  He was very proud of the end result.


Freddy's hand drawn signs finished off the Spooky Fruit Monster Party display perfectly. 


Competition closes on October 24th 2013.  For more details see the Halloween #spookyfruit competition at Alex and Alexa.


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