Tuesday, 8 October 2013

A Quarter of a Century Ago

25 years ago on the 8th October 1988, I gave birth to my first child.  My son. Joe.
He changed my life, giving me direction, focus, hope for the future and love.  He was my salvation from a dark point in my life.

Everyday he has made me proud.

Now as a dad with a family of his own, I see the adult that he has become. A wonderful man with a strong work ethic. An amazing dad who is making a good life for himself with his fiancee Jade and their little boy Ted. (Who has an obsession with gaming computers and shiny cars!)

He still makes us laugh and will always be a big kid at heart.  He still has that cheeky glint in his eye and the naughty streak that he had as a little boy.  I wouldn't change that for the world. He is a brilliant big brother to his sisters (...and a bad influence on his little brother!)

I love my boy.  With all my heart.

Happy birthday son. xxx

birthday, son


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