Monday, 28 October 2013

What Fred Said This Week About Spiders and Noisy Girls

Possibly my favourite ever Fredism has been said this week.  He and Kizzy were playing at being superheroes when Kizzy broke wind.  In a dramatic voice Freddy announced while falling over:

"I was distracted by the power of the fart!"

He went on to be distracted by the power of kisses, hugs, duvets, kicks, hair, mummy and magic.  Where he gets his ideas from I don't know!

Freddy had his first school disco and had a wonderful time dressed as a cute little vampire.  When he was picked up he said, "I love my school, it has discos!"  I am so glad he is such a happy schoolboy!

Count Fred-ula

We're off to a sleepover at Paradise Wildlife Park tomorrow where we'll be getting up close to some of the animals including a tarantula.  I told Fred he'd be able to see one.
"Great!" he said.  "What's a tarantula?"
"It's a big, hairy spider!" I told him.
"Eurgh, I don't like that at all!" he said grossed out at the prospect.
"But they eat all the naughty spiders," Ella added to try to make him feel happier about it.
"Oh in that case I like them.  Are they like Superhero spiders then?"
I hope he won't be disappointed in the real thing when he realises it isn't wearing a cape.

Today was Kizzy's belated birthday party and we were doing face painting.  Freddy very gently painted his sister with a line and some squiggles.  We told him it was lovely and asked what it was.
"It's a bum with stink coming out of it!!"  Charming.

Noisy Girl!!

He had a lovely time at his sister's party surrounded by rowdy and very noisy 11 year olds.  But he did say "The girls hurt my ears!!"

Earlier we went to soft play with his two cousins Addy 5 and Dylan 3. All went well until Freddy decided he wanted to be the youngest.  But as he is 4, this was impossible!   He wanted me to tell Addy that she was wrong and was so adamant that he wanted to be younger than his three year cousin, but still be four! He had a mini meltdown regarding this issue, but thankfully he pulled it back and they all enjoyed an extra little play time in the outdoor play area where they shouted "I love you", at each other.  So sweet (eventually!)

Said it Saturday


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