Friday, 18 October 2013

HARIBO Halloween Sweets - For Treating Your Little Monsters!

Halloween has become synonymous with sweeties.  Dishing out candy to the trick or treaters is very much a part of the celebrations, and this year HARIBO have a range of great Halloween themed sweets that will make all the little monsters very happy.

HARIBO delivered some to us to share around this Halloween!  

HARIBO sweets

The HARIBO Trick or Treat Mega Box is brilliant for parties, goody bags and trick or treating.  It contains 50 individual mini-bags of Horror Mix spooky themed gums and jellies.  This will definitely keep all the children who come knocking happy! It is available at Asda.

The HARIBO Halloween Trick or Treat Party Pack is a cauldron of delights.  The spooky, orange bucket contains 40 mini-bags of spooky mix along with a selection of other goodies to help get your Halloween party started.  There are ideas for scary games, spooky glow in the dark stickers and some party invites.  There is also the chance to win an Ultimate HARIBO Party or one of 100 HARIBO hampers.  Just look out for the winning tickets that are hiding in the lucky party packs.  The HARIBO Trick or Treat Party Packs can be found in Tesco.

HARIBO, sweets, Halloween

HARIBO also have a brilliant range of spooky themed Sharing Bags including Tangy Monsters, Spooky Ghosts and the fabulous Fangtastics!  They look great tipped into a bowl as a table centrepiece or used to decorate iced cakes to make simple spooky cupcakes!

HARIBO also have bags of Trick or Treat Mini Mix containing 10 mini bags if you are celebrating Halloween on a smaller scale.

We are big fans of the HARIBO seasonally themed items and are looking forward to sharing the HARIBO with all the little witches, wizards, vampires and ghosts that come calling this Halloween!

Visit for more information and a chance to win the Ultimate Party.


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