Thursday, 17 October 2013

Harmful Bacteria Found on 1 in 4 Items of Washed Clothes!!

With so many of us using cool wash programs for our laundry, it is a disgusting fact that a quarter of our washed laundry items contain bacteria related to faeces!  Germs are just being swished around in the washing machine creating a bacteria soup that is soaking into our washing.  Ewww!  This means that our 'clean' clothes are often harbouring  potentially dangerous bugs.

Washing clothing in a hot wash is expensive, environmentally unfriendly and damaging to some fabrics, so what is the solution?  How can we kill the germs?

Dettol has a new anti-bacterial Laundry Cleanser which kills 99.9% of bacteria, even at low temperatures.

germ free laundry

Putting two capfuls into your fabric softener drawer ensures that the bacteria is killed, even at low temperatures, keeping our families clothing hygienically clean, avoiding contamination and possible infection.  I have been sent a bottle to try out.  It has a Fresh Cotton  fragrance, which is a pleasant and light scent making the laundry smell fresh.  It's easy to use (although you must avoid contact with skin when in it's neat form as it's an irritant) and if we get into the habit of popping it in a wash, we can be confident that we are not transferring germs through the laundry process.  It's really useful when washing towels, underwear, bedding and heavily soiled garments. When using the cool wash economy settings on the washing machine for the family's laundry, I think it's better to be safe than sorry!


A 1.5 litre bottle costs around £4.00 from good supermarkets.


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