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Avengers Wrap-semble and a Blind Taste Test- Lunch Less Ordinary Mission 3

One of this week's challenges to make our  Lunch Less Ordinary with Mission Deli Wraps is an absolute corker! Devise a wrap based on your favourite film!  For a movie lover like myself that is just a great challenge. My mind went into overdrive thinking of various fillings and ways to serve wraps in celebration of our favourite movies.  The Exorcist...a wrap filled with mushy peas?  Gone with the Wind...a baked bean wrap? Or how about a wrap filled with Stilton for the Blues Brothers?

clapperboard, movies

I decided to go with my family's favourite film franchise of the moment...Marvel Superheros and in particular The Avengers!  But one wrap was not enough, oh no! So I've made a wrap based on each of the four big characters:  Iron Man, The Hulk, Captain America and Thor, each recipe paying homage to our favourite superhero, whilst still being a healthy, simple and delicious lunch.


Iron Man

Iron Man's wrap is naturally packed full of Iron rich food to give us the nutrients we need to be as tough as Tony Stark in his Iron Man suit.  Egg mayonnaise, chopped tomato, sweetcorn, watercress, rocket and spinach salad packs an iron rich punch to lunchtime, and pays homage to the famous red and yellow suit. A sprinkle of chilli flakes and a twist of black pepper give it a kick befitting a superhero's lunch!

sandwich filling
Boiled egg, mayo, chopped tomato, sweetcorn and chilli flakes.
spinach, egg, wrap
Spoon onto iron rich spinach, watercress and rocket salad.
egg wrap

An Iron rich wrap fit for my very own Iron Man!

Thor is a meaty hunk with a hammer, so his wrap must also be meaty with ham-mer!  Thor is a tasty piece of hot stuff, so naturally the wrap is also tasty and hot, based on a quesadilla with melted cheese, strips of Quorn Chorizo and Quorn Ham (as we are veggie), diced spring onion and a sprinkle of hot chilli flakes.

cheese, ham
Mix grated cheese, chopped spring onion, chorizio, ham and chilli flakes.
mexican food
Put wrap into hot pan and sprinkle on filling.
Put second wrap on top and heat through and turn.
mexican, lunch
Serve when the cheese is melted cut into quarters!  Add a ham hammer!!

Captain America

What's more American than hot dogs with relish?  The Captain America wrap is a modern twist on this USA favourite.  Veggie hotdogs make the perfect 'All American' wrap filling with a fried onion relish or ketchup. Using Mission's mini wraps, I made individual Captain America snacks. The wraps made a really good alternative to a bun and the kids loved them.

Microwave the veggie hotdog sausages.
Spread relish or ketchup onto the mini wraps.
Roll up the hotdog wrap and secure with a cocktail stick.
Enjoy as a tasty and fun  alternative to a hotdog in a bun.

The Hulk

He's mean and green and bursting at the seams - just like his wrap!  In Avengers Assemble we find out that Dr Bruce Banner has spent time in India in an attempt to avoid his Hulk inducing rages so a curry seems very apt!  A yummy, overstuffed rolled wrap packed with green lentil curry with peas and spring onion served with a green yogurt raita sauce fits the bill perfectly.  The filling is bursting out of the word "HULK" cut into the wrap, just as the Hulk's huge muscles burst out of his clothing!

My husband is ready for his Hulk Wrap...don't make him angry!!
curry, vegetarian
Green lentils, peas and spring onion stalk curry.
Put into centre of seeded wrap and top with raita.  Roll up.
Carve the wrap to let the curry burst out Hulk-style!!

Marvel, captain america

As they say in Hollywood..."That's a Wrap!!"

Blind Taste Test

As we were having such fun getting creative with Mission Deli Wraps I decided to give Kizzy the blind taste test.  Here's the mission challenge:

"Put unusual flavours together in a wrap and get the kids to eat them blindfolded. They need to guess what the 'weird but it works' flavours are. Best of 3 ‘what’s that wrap’ wins! And whatever their favourite is goes in Monday’s lunchbox. Yum!"

So I came up with three wraps:

 Hot Banana, Cheddar, Mango Chutney and Chilli Flakes 
(an idea recommended by my friend Helen)


 Stilton, Spring Onion and Mushroom Melt


Passion Fruit, Blueberries, Vanilla Yogurt, Sliced Peaches and Vanilla Sugar


Watch this video to see what Kizzy thought and what she'll be getting in her lunchbox on Monday!


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