Friday, 11 October 2013

What Fred Said ... and What Kizzy Said Too! #saiditsaturday

Here is this week's installment in the things my kids say!

Freddy had a bowl of sugar to dip his strawberries into.  He carried it into the kitchen and told his dad "I need a little bit more!"  He then tripped up and spilled the sugar all over the floor.  He picked up the empty bowl, looked in it and said "Now I need a lot more!"

Freddy told me that he loved me, and I asked him why.
"Because you've got so many bows in your hair."  I wouldn't mind but I never wear any hair accessories ever...maybe he is mistaking grey hairs for bows?

On farming: "A farm is where pets live in fields."

Whilst practicing his phonics Freddy said:  "C - A -T  spells Zebra".  He'll get there in the end!!

We had his first parents' consultation evening at school and I was delighted to hear his teacher tell me several times what a "gorgeous boy" he was, who "thinks outside the box".  She also told me that he liked telling her long stories using a wide and varied vocabulary which he had to tell from start to finish without interruption or  else he'd start all the way back from the beginning again.  She definitely has a great understanding of Freddy's character already.



Kizzy has always been a font of wonderful expressions and sayings that often have us in hysterics.  For example, a few years ago after seeing her dad's new band t-shirt she proudly announced that she knew who AC/DC was.  According to Kizzy  "AC/DC is a robot in Star Wars!"

Even now she continues to delight with her Kizzyisms!

Megan was telling us about her friend who is working in Thailand for a year and how she was looking forward to going to the beaches.  Kizzy asked quizzically, "But isn't it cold there?"  Megan asked her what she meant, to which she replied "Isn't Thailand where Santa lives?" Thailand/Lapland...close but no cigar!!

Whilst shopping in Morrison's I got to the checkout and was trying my best to put the shopping on the conveyor as quickly as I could so I could tackle the bagging up at the other end of the items that were already being scanned through the till.  Meanwhile, Kizzy was sat down relaxing on a bench.  I asked her if she intended to help, to which she earnestly replied:

"If I help I'll get it all wrong and you'll only have to re-do it all. So I'm helping by staying out of the way!"  Oh the logic!!!

Talking about beauty and the concept of people being beautiful on the inside, Kizzy said;

"How can you be beautiful on the inside unless you have eye lashes on your intestines or something?!"

Kizzy has taken to wearing some non-regulation items instead of her school uniform.  For instance she substituted her sensible school skirt for a very short, fashion skirt and also tried to wear a pair of knitted leggings instead of trousers.  I asked her why she was not sticking to her official uniform, to which she replied:

"When you are all wearing the same thing you don't stand out in the crowd!"  
Clearly no confidence issues with my daughter!!


Oh what brilliant comments from the mouths of babes!!


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