Thursday, 10 October 2013

My 2000th Blog Post

Two thousand blog posts ago, in September 2010 I started typing away at my laptop:

"So here it begins....

I've wanted to be a "blogger" for some time.  To have a forum for my ramblings and to document this time in my life on the big old world wide web is an exciting, if not daunting prospect!  But here goes...the time is right.
I love the technology available to us mere mortals today.  The days of filling notebooks with scribbles to purge your overloaded brain is over.  We have laptops, the internet, i-phones.  Who'd've thought that at the age of 41, I'd be able to embark on a journey of self-discovery in blog form, but here I am!
As I have written in my profile I do feel that I am blessed.  The paths I have chosen to follow have turned out to the perfect route for me (although I would have questioned a few of the twists and turns along the way at the time....what was I thinking??)  I've got to this destination without the aid of so much as a Sat Nav...for that I am proud!  I have a fantastic family, both nuclear and extended, and am literally full of love for each and every one of my peeps! begins a new chapter...the Blogging Chapter!  I hope to explore things past, present and future.  My children, my vegetarianism, random happenings, films I watch, books I read, competitions I enter....the potential is enormous.  I hope I do it justice!"

Reading this post I think I can safely day I have done my time in the blog world justice.  In fact, blogging has brought so much more to my life than I could ever have imagined.  It has been my constant companion over the last three years: giving me that outlet to be creative; giving me an excuse to do things I otherwise wouldn't have dreamed of; introducing me to new people and places and experiences.  It's my little corner of cyberspace where I do what I do.  And I love it.

In three years I've not become much more tech savvy...I still can't even work out how to get pretty social media buttons in my side bar (I've tried so many times!) and I daren't change my blog header ever again. And the prospect of going self-hosted still fills me with dread.  So I guess some things will never change. 

When I started this blog I had no idea what to expect and no idea how long I would keep it up.  But I'm still going strong as I still enjoy typing away.  When I was a child I used to play games where I pretended I had a TV show where I showed my imaginary audience things in my bedroom, made crafts and cooked stuff. (It was called One Hour of Fun and had its own theme tune and everything!)  I think my blog is just a continuation of that!  I'm still playing at that game, showing readers my life, sharing recipes and the occasional craft post. It's like make-believe for grown-ups.  Except now, the people engaging with me are real and not imaginary.  Mind blowing stuff.

To date, my most viewed post is my Olympic Waste Busting Challenge with 85,000 views (the spammers must really like this one!)  I actually won a trip to the Olympics with this post, but couldn't go because I'd already won a VIP Olympics Adventure with BMW.  Who would have ever believed I'd be having dilemmas like that because of blogging?

My wonderful mum is still my number one most loyal fan, prolific reader and commenter.  Thank you you lots :) xxx  The very fact that she still enjoys reading my blog makes writing it all worthwhile, regardless of any of the other perks!

So, here's to another 2000 posts and lots of new adventures, experiences and friendships (and comments from my mum!!).


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