Sunday, 6 October 2013

We're on a Mission for a Lunch Less Ordinary - Week 1

We are thrilled to be taking part in the Lunch Less Ordinary Blogger Challenge with Mission Deli Wraps. Mission believes that life is what you make it...and the same applies to lunch.  They are encouraging the nation to grab a wrap, get stuck in and enjoy an exciting and less ordinary lunch!

Our first challenges included putting the kids in charge of lunch and eating an exciting lunch in a homemade den.  Unfortunately, we have had a week filled with illness delaying our involvement.  Everyone of us has had a nasty bug, from little Freddy through to Daddy.  I'm not going to lie, it's been a grim week. However, this weekend, the germs departed and we were able to get stuck in to our challenge!

Armed with a pack of Mission Mediterranean Herb Deli Wraps, we put Freddy in charge of lunch and he was only too happy to make a yummy wrap pizza with sweetcorn and cheese.  He even remarked that he was a chef!  He had so much fun spreading tomato sauce, sprinkling cheese and piling on sweetcorn to make our tasty lunch time treat.  To make our lunch even less ordinary, we made a den in the dining room where Freddy enjoyed playing and munching on slices of the wrap pizza.  What a perfect lunch!

Mission, wrap pizza

Take a look at Freddy's video...a budding future chef indeed!  He loves helping out in the kitchen and I think he did a great job taking part in the Lunch Less Ordinary challenge.


Check out the Mission Deli Wrap Facebook page and join in the fun at


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