Tuesday, 15 October 2013

How to Lose A Lemur - Book Review

This delightful picture book follows a young boy who is being followed by lemurs!  He tries to avoid them by hiding, disguising himself and eventually running far, far away.  He thinks he's lost them, then realises he's got himself lost in the process.  Thankfully the lemurs are on hand to help!

How to Lose a Lemur

Freddy was sent a copy to read! The book has lovely illustrations and the text is upbeat, cute and quirky.  Little ones will love following the story as the boy travels across the lake, up mountains, across the desert and into the sky in a hot air balloon.  It's very imaginative!

How to lose a lemur

Sharing this story with Freddy got him to thinking about different ways to travel across different landscapes and how he'd cope if he was being followed by a troop of over friendly lemurs!

RRP £5.99


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