Thursday, 10 October 2013

Rockface for Men

"Men...If you like to look good and smell great with a minimum of effort and fuss leaving you more time to work hard and play hard, then Rockface is the range for you."

Rockface is a quality range of gent's shave, shower and skincare products that all have the same citrusy, woody fragrance so men's grooming regimes can be streamlined in one easy step.  

With Rockface, men can say goodbye to the nostril-assaulting mix of fragrances that come from using lots of different products and present a uniformed fresh fragrance with notes of musk, amber, bergamot, citrus and jasmine.

male grooming

The branding is very masculine and will appeal to the outdoorsy, rugged type without fear of them being labelled as being obsessed with their male-grooming!  The range has all the essentials any man will need including its new Shave Butter, a clever all in one product for prepping skin, shaving and hydrating.  It will change the way men shave!

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The Rockface Range

Shave Gel - an extra thick, creamy foam with active cooling and moisturising ingredients.  200ml £4.25

Post Shave Balm –  smoothing balm specially formulated with allantoin and aloe vera to hydrate and soothe skin after shaving  100ml £4.99

Shave Butter -  with illipe and shea butter, together with coconut and aloe juice, this new Rockface Shave Butter takes shaving to a new level, prepping skin, shaving and hydrating all in one.  75ml £4.99 

All Weather Moisturiser – added shea butter helps protect against pollution, guarana to energise the skin and antioxidants to help reduce UV impact. 100ml  £4.99

Face Scrub - gentle exfoliating scrub contains micro particles for deep cleansing, removing impurities and conditioning the skin 150ml  £3.95

Shower Wash – fresh citrus fragranced shower wash to invigorate the body and senses. For hair and body.  200ml £3.73

Deodorant Spray –  48 hour protection 150ml £2.99

Active Body Spray - pop into your bag and use for an instant blast of Rockface fragrance. 150ml £3.49

Ian was sent a selection to try out.  He is not one for faffing about too much primping and preening himself, preferring the hairy faced neanderthal or cowboy stubble look to the clean shaven look.  However, as the range has proper man appeal, he wasn't afraid to give it a go!  He was pretty impressed with the new Shave Butter as it made the job of shaving a lot easier without having to mess around with different products.  It went straight on and was ready to do the job.  The razor comfortably glided through the butter avoiding any shaving nicks and did not cause any irritation. It smelt good too. The shower wash, deodorant, scrub and body spray are great everyday products to use, and I have to say, the one fragrance thing worked very well and he smelt pretty fine!   With the cold weather setting in, weather chaffed skin can become an issue.  The moisturiser is a really nice product which soothes and protects the skin with shea butter and guarana.  So when Ian has been doing some manly, outdoorsy thing he can look after his skin without resorting to using something girly that he's pinched from me!

All in all the Rockface range is a great collection of men's toiletry products which are masculine and which all smell really good.  They would make lovely stocking fillers for the menfolk in your life.

The products are available to buy directly from the Rockface website, where you can also find competitions, news and grooming advice. 


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