Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Honey Monster's New Choco WOWs, Honey WOWs and Stix Cereal Bars.

The Honey Monster has launched new Choco WOWs and Honey WOWs cereal and Stix cereal bars in two exciting flavours full of kid appeal: Marshmallow and Vanilla Yoghurt or Honeycomb and Milk Chocolate.

Breakfast is so important to children. But if you have a fussy eater, getting a good breakfast into your little one can be difficult.  This is when offering kid friendly cereals can be a great help. They may be sweet treats but a morning bowl of WOWs is also packed with vitamins, iron and fibre and contains no artificial ingredients. The milk chocolate or honey coated multigrain hoops with oats and crisped rice will give your youngsters the energy they need to see them through the day ahead. It's nice to see that even though the cereals contain sugar and chocolate, they are also packed with good stuff.  In an ideal world, kids would eat a sugar free organic breakfast in the morning, but in the real world kids often don't work this way! As a parent I'd prefer my kids to eat something in the morning, even if that means compromising to satisfy a sweet-tooth.  The child will be happy and the parent can rest easy knowing that their little one has had a daily dose of vitamins, iron and fibre in the process.

The WOWs are very tasty and Freddy enjoyed eating them with milk as an after school snack.  He enjoys cereal in the afternoon, re-energising him after school.

Stix cereal bars are made from crisp rice and Sugar Puffs and are an ideal, energy-boosting snack which can be enjoyed at home or on the go.  Freddy has one as his Friday snack at school, when kids are allowed something other than fruit at breaktime.  He really likes the Marshmallow and Vanilla flavour Stix bar.  They are a good size for little people.

Kids will love Honey Monster’s new fun range and mums know that their little monsters will happily eat the cereals or the bars and will be getting the goodness they need.


The Honey Monster is also on tour and is visiting Tesco Extras up and down the country - sadly not at any near me though! Find out more info here:


We received some WOWs and Stix to try from the Honey Monster!


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