Sunday, 13 October 2013

Rapping About Wraps! Lunch Less Ordinary - Week 2

This week's task in the Lunch Less Ordinary Bloggers Challenge with Mission Deli Wraps really appealed to us:

"Mini ‘wrappers’ - get the kids to make up the lyrics to a ‘wrap’ about their lunch."

This was perfect for 11 year old Kizzy, who was set the challenge to become a rapper...Li'l Kiz...and compose and rap a song dedicated to everyone's favourite lunchtime treat - Mission Deli Wraps!

Lunch Less Ordinary

Kizzy went with the challenge 100%, writing a rap, dressing like a rapper complete with bling rings, big necklace, headphones and cap, making a backing track on Freddy's electronic piano, gathering props and performing her rap.  She was fabulous!

Take a look at Kizzy's performance in this video!  



Listen up here's a rap for you,
Lunch Less Ordinary challenge 2.
Brought to you by Mission wraps so yummy,
They taste so good in my tummy.
Wrapping up with chilli and spicy cheese.
Wrapping up curry with potatoes and peas.
How about making an enchilada?
Pop in soft cheese or Cheddar it's harder.
Salad is good and healthy to eat,
Or try a  pizza for an Italian treat?
Even a banana with chocolate sauce,
Wraps are so versatile for any course.
So if you want something less ordinary for lunch,
Try Mission deli wraps, they pack a punch!!

Mission Deli Wraps is committed to inspiring people to enjoy A Lunch Less Ordinary; whether it’s leaving your desk for an extra half an hour over lunch, swapping your usual packed lunch for a tasty Mission Deli Wrap, getting covered in tomatoes at La Tomatina in Valencia or partying at the Mardi Gras with their new on pack competition.  Pick up a promotional pack in store!  See for more information.

Join in the fun at and enjoy a lunch less ordinary!


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