Monday, 21 October 2013

Show Me, Show Me...An Ageless Chris!

Back in 1993, my son Joseph, then aged 5, made some sausage and bean Dino Pasty-Saurus pasties and won a Flinstone's cookery competition that saw us fly out to Los Angeles to celebrate the opening of the Flinstone's movie and attraction at Universal Studios.  Yabba-dabba-doo!!

At the photoshoot, we were joined by an up and coming TV presenter, Chris Jarvis.  He was charming and handsome and we just knew he'd go on to have a great career!

Chris Jarvis, Cbeebies

Fast forward to 20 years later, and I was invited to have a top secret, sneaky peek of the set of the new series of CBeebies' Show Me Show Me with my three youngest children. We got to meet the stars of the show,  Pui and her lovely co-host Chris Jarvis!  He really hasn't changed at all...still charming and handsome!

Show Me Show Me

We watched the filming of a new on-location episode of Show Me Show Me which featured Miss Mouse as a bride and Chris and Pui throwing confetti.  It really was amazing watching what goes into the filming and the behind the scenes activity involved.  The set is superb and colourful.  Chris and Pui are so professional, having perfected the CBeebies, kid-friendly presenting that we all love. It was very impressive and they were both absolutely lovely people.

Whatever it is that Chris has that keeps him looking so young and so full of energy should be bottled...I'd buy some of his bottled joie de vivre, that's for sure!

The new series of Show Me Show Me, starts Monday 28th October at 10.05am on CBeebies

"Come out and play with Chris, Pui and all the toys as they explore their brand-new playground outside. Bursting with colour, it’s the perfect space to inspire young imaginations.  There’s a giant birdhouse, a bandstand, a big slide, magical woods and hills to clamber up.

In every episode, Chris and Pui explore two themes, from bread to blackbirds, robots to colanders and confetti to roadsweepers - anything can become the start of an adventure outdoors."


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