Tuesday, 15 October 2013

TalkTalk Box Office - Epic Film Review

TalkTalk have treated us as Family Ambassadors to a family film night to watch Epic on demand through our YouView box.  This full length animated adventure features the voice talents of Colin Farrell, Steve Tyler, Amanda Seyfried and Beyonce and is based on a book by William Joyce "The Leafmen and the Brave Good Bugs".

Buying the film on demand was easy and secure.  You simply click through to the film where you can choose to watch the HD version for £4.50 or the SD version for £3.50.  Payment is done through your four digit pin number.  The film started immediately with no buffering so we could view it instantly.  You can watch the movie over 48 hours from purchase. It really is a simple and efficient process and a cost effective way of enjoying a new family film.

The film itself is beautifully animated, featuring the adventures of 17 year old M.K. who is the daughter of an eccentric scientist, obsessed with proving the existence of a race of tiny, advanced people living in the forest. M.K. finds herself unexpectedly and magically at the heart of the civilisation that her father has dedicated his life to finding. She discovers the Leafmen, guardians and protectors of the forest lead by Ronin (voiced by Farrell with his lovely lilting Irish accent).  They are embroiled in a battle against the evil Boggan led by the sinister Mandrake who is intent on destruction.

Befriended by young maverick and love interest Nod and mollusc comedy duo Mub and Grub, M.K. embarks on a perilous journey to help save the forest and return to her home. Her success depends in part on convincing her eccentric and disillusioned dad that he is not insane and his discredited, lifetime's work is in fact correct.

The film is a lot like Avatar for kids!  The Leafmen ride on saddled up hummingbirds and take on Mandrake (who just happens to be Na'Vi blue) who rides on his crow, shooting them with his bow and arrows. Some scenes are quite scary and the Boggan are really quite sinister.  So little ones might find it a little frightening. The storyline is also quite complex and more appropriate for slightly older kids, but little ones will love the visual humour and funny moments.

epic, TalkTalk

What the family thought:

Kizzy said:  "I though Epic was very interesting.  I liked the characters, in particular Nod who was adventurous and super cool.  The concept was really good.  It was a good idea to have the little characters that live in the forest and saving the pod which would make the new queen was an exciting idea.  It was funny.  Mub and Grub gave lots of laughs to the story."

Freddy:  "I like the slugs when they popped their eyes out!"

Ian:  "I love the playful characters who acted as an antidote and light relief to the more serious elements of the film.  It was these that appealed to Freddy."

Overall, we enjoyed watching Epic on TalkTalk Box Office.  It is a convenient way to instantly watch the latest film releases in the comfort of your own home, with the added bonus of having 48 hours of view time.


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