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Snail Shell Cookie Recipe

These light, vanilla flavoured, melt-in-the-mouth cookies are really quick and easy to make.  A great, fun recipe to do with the kids over half term.  The snail shell shape was inspired by watching Grub the snail in Epic last night and the recipe is my own idea. I used ingredients from Aldi's baking range and Selsey Foods Gourmet Vanilla Syrup in the recipe.

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Snail Shell Cookie Recipe


175g butter 
50g sugar
1 egg yolk
175g plain flour
1 tablespoon of Vanilla Syrup *
12 squares of milk chocolate


Cream butter and sugar.
Beat in the egg yolk and vanilla syrup.
Stir in the flour to make a thick paste.
Put into an icing bag and pipe spirals of the batter onto a silicone cookie sheet on a baking tray.
Cook at GM4/180 deg for 15 minutes.
Remove from oven and cool on the baking sheet. (They are quite fragile when warm!)
Melt the chocolate in a microwave on medium setting for about 1 minute.
Drizzle over the cooled cookies.
Sprinkle over the sprinkles.
Using a cake slice lift the cookies onto a serving plate.

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 *Selsey Foods Gourmet Vanilla Dessert Syrup with Vanilla Pod, is part of a range of fantastic gourmet syrups perfect for baking, pouring over ice-cream, using in coffee, hot chocolate and milkshake or adding to cocktails.  (£5.00 for a 250ml bottle).  It is rich, thick and smells and tastes divine.

Also available is their Mulling Syrup containing a special blend of festive spices for making quick and easy mulled wine, cider or apple juice.  Also great for drizzling over fruit, adding to gravy, making a Christmas spiced hot chocolate or coffee, adding to whipped cream or as a barbecue glaze.  Perfect for Christmas and an excellent addition to a homemade hamper for a foodie friend or loved one!  (£3.50 for 200ml bottle.) I will be featuring the Mulling Syrup in the run up to Christmas so watch this space!

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Find out more and purchase these delicious gourmet syrups at

I also received some of Aldi's National Baking Week ingredients range to make this recipe including Pantry flour (SR and plain), Pantry sugar (Caster and granulated), Pantry tub of sprinkles, pantry Bicarbonate of Soda, Norpak spreadable butter, Merevale free range eggs, Digestives and Dairy Fine Chocolate.

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