Tuesday, 1 October 2013

How We Use Super Sticky Post-It Notes

Communicating via technology is great, but sometimes we just need to leave someone a handwritten message or jot down our own big ideas by hand.  This is when Post-It notes by 3M come into their own.  The super sticky Post-Its come in loads of brilliant bright colours and are different shapes and sizes.The adhesive strip attaches securely to most flat surfaces and peels off leaving no marks.  

So if you want to remind the kids not to forget their PE kit or remind yourself to buy milk, you can leave a super sticky Post-It.  Also perfect for leaving little love messages to your other half or life affirming quotes to the kids, finding a message stuck on the fridge, cupboard, door or mirror can make their day.

Friendly reminders of upcoming birthdays or anniversaries may avoid those embarrassing moments when your husband forgets your special day - or you forget his (10% do apparently fail to remember those important dates!)

Because they are so secure they are perfect for leaving a message to the postman on your front door if you are popping out, asking them to drop your post off next door.

Post-Its are perfect for revising teens to write down keywords to stick around their room to help them remember all those crucial  facts and figures.  They are also good for bookmarking pages in books as they won't fall out!

I like to stick a wad of them to the fridge door to jot down things I run out of through the week.  When I go to the shop I peel off the top sheet to take as my shopping list and my new Post-It is revealed for next week's list.

They have so many uses - every home should have a pack!


Find out about the Post-It products and join in the fun at

We received some Post-Its to use for this post.


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