Thursday, 18 August 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful

I am particularly full of reasons to be cheerful this week. Not only have we enjoyed Peppa Pig World and the Four Seasons Hotel, we have lots of personal reasons that I'd like to share!

1:  Ian has had a health scare which I wrote about previously.  I was overwhelmed with the wonderful support from this community yet again, which was heartwarming.

Ian's grandad died of prostate cancer, Ian's dad has had treatment for prostate cancer so when a scan following an infection revealed an anomaly that was possibly causing a blockage, all alarm bells went off.  With his history you can't take any chances so he was tested. I am overjoyed to announce that my husband has been given the all clear. The anomaly still exists but it is nothing to do with any cellular abnormalities.  It is probably something he has lived with and will continue to live with.  Although, with his history this will be monitored.  But for now, I can breathe a sigh of relief and remember to never take my family and our health for granted.

Thank you to everyone for your lovely comments which lifted me up when I was feeling low and vulnerable.

2: With all the negative news about young people in the aftermath of the riots, I have never felt prouder of my brood.  Joe, my eldest has made me so very proud.  He has a job that he loves but his wages are not great and he could not get an answer as to when a payrise was pending.  He decided that he needed to look elsewhere for a better paid job and after an interview with another company was offered a position for £4000 a year more.  I was very impressed by his ability to find another job in the recession.  The prospect of extra money was a real draw as he does struggle to make ends meet, living with his girlfriend away from home.  However, he realised what was really important was having a job he loved, with a career path, support and job satisfaction.  In meetings with the management of his current job he managed to negotiate a promotion and an even bigger pay rise.  His boss told him he was "a breath of fresh air" in the workplace with his attitude.  His market value has been proven by his determination.  He will go far!

3:  Meanwhile, my uni student Meg has been working hard for a Marketing Company in Manchester, given her own client to manage and allowed to take over social media platforms and write blog posts for the company.  She is doing so well and it makes me proud to see her work out there on the internet.  I'm so glad she has put her summer holidays to good use.  It shows her commitment to her future for when she finishes uni next year.  It is an exciting time for her and I'm thrilled to bits witnessing her blossoming into a real grown-up!

4: My youngest three have been delightful to have around during these summer holidays.  I love the way they are so close and look out for each other.  This was so evident while we were away this week.

And even when they think I'm not watching they are still so happy in each others' company.  I know I'm lucky and don't ever take my blessings lightly.  But for now I am enjoying my family with every fibre of my being!

Sibling Love.


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