Monday, 1 August 2011

Badge It!

Toys R Us sell loads of fabulous creative toys which are perfect for keeping the kids occupied and entertained in the summer holidays.  We were sent Badge It! from Ban Dai to review and as ever, my eager Tiny Tester Kizzy was ready and willing to try it out.

Badge It! is a gadget which makes metal badges using pictures or photographs.  It comes with enough pieces to make 15 small pin badges.  You basically pop the badge front, picture and plastic cover  in a special compartment, turn the dial, add the badge back, turn the dial again and voila...your badge is ready to attach the safety pin to.  It was a very simple process, but it took some effort to turn the dial enough to make it work properly.  Some minimal adult help was required with this.

The set came with some ready printed circular pictures for making badges which were in fun and funky designs.  Alternatively, there was a template that could be used to cut pictures from magazines.  Kizzy enjoyed being able to use pictures she had found herself to make really unique pin badges!

Once she got going, Kizzy got through the badge making pieces really quickly.  Thankfully refill sets are available to buy separately.  Badge It! would be a perfect activity for making name badges for a party.  It is  really fun, quick, not messy and easy to operate.

Here is Kizzy demonstrating how easy it is to make your own unique badges using Badge It! from Toys R Us.

I really liked how the badge making machine came fully assembled and ready to use.  The see through purple casing means you can see what is going on inside as you turn the dial. Kizzy was quite interested in the process.  It is something she could do independently without it being too fiddly and the end result was good.  She was very proud of her creations!

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