Thursday, 11 August 2011

10 Things You Don't Know About Me

Helen from The Crazy Kitchen has tagged me for this one, so here goes.  I've written several similar posts with useless facts about myself, so I'm having to dig really deep for this one for some obscure gems!

1: I was vegan for a while but I missed chocolate and cheese too much....carob and Cheezly just didn't hit the spot, but I still drink soya milk.
2: When I gave birth to Freddy I hallucinated that I was in a city office block and people were walking hurriedly along the roadside outside the window carrying umbrellas.  In reality it was sunny and there were only trees outside the window...and I didn't even have any drugs or anything.
3: Soggy bread makes me heave.
4: I am phobic about creepy crawlies, but it's not because I hate them, it's a fear of hurting them.  They are so fragile.
5: I always have to shut the wardrobe door at night so the monsters don't come out.
6: Ian never proposed to me...I never let him forget it.
7: I used to have a home perm.
8: I absolutely hate makes me cringe.
9: I've only just watched the Harry Potter films for the first time this last week. Thought it was about time I got in on HP mania. Consequently I have a crush on Lucius Malfoy.

10:  I love eating the skin off cold custard.


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