Sunday, 21 August 2011

Oxo Tot For Bath Time

I have reviewed some of the amazing, innovative products from Oxo Tot previously.  Whether you are looking for products to make feeding your toddler easier or if you want some great snacking items  Oxo Tot have the solution.  So when I was offered some of the bathing range to test out I was looking forward to seeing how they would live up to my high expectations!

We were sent the Whale Pail and the Tub Kneeling Mat, both designed to make bath time easier for parents.

The Whale Pail makes cleaning up bath toys fun.  The unique whale shaped pail has a wide mouth perfect for scooping toys out of the bath water.  The soft non-slip handle means it won't slip out of wet hands and makes it easy for little ones to use too.  Scooped up toys can be rinsed with clean water.  Holes in the side of the pail allow water to drain out and aids ventilation to dry the toys.  The translucent front lets you view what toys are stored inside.

oxo tots

The Whale Pail can be stored on the wall using the holder which suctions onto the tiles.  Freddy thought the Whale Pail was a great toy in itself.  The holes make it great for pouring water through, causing much splishing, splashing and laughter.  

Oxo Tots

After the bath, Ian used the Whale Pail to scoop up the numerous toys that we usually have to chase around the tub to fish out.  


He then rinsed them easily under the tap and hung the pail on the holder to drain and dry.  It was simple and effective and provides a great storage facility for all the bath time odds and ends that Fred plays with.

oxo tots

The Tub Kneeling Mat is constructed of three layers of thick foam that provides support for your knees at bath time.  Particularly valuable when you reach my age!!!  Made from durable, water resistant nylon it  is easy to clean.  Magnets keep it in the folded position for easy storage.  A convenient hanging loop makes it easy to hang behind the door or on a hook in the bathroom.

Oxo tots

The mat is definitely comfy and supportive and infinitely preferable to kneeling on the cold, wet tiles or on a wad of damp towels whilst trying to bath your child.  I liked being able to hang it in the folded position on a hook where it dried nicely.  It definitely saved our knees and for that it gets a big thumbs up!

oxo tots

The Whale Pail is £20.43 RRP
The Kneeling Mat is £12.26
Available from, John Lewis and Jojo Maman Bebe


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