Friday, 19 August 2011

Little Tikes Seek and Explore

My husband has proved his dedication to Toyology.  He has spent 45 minutes in the rain putting up the Little Tikes Seek and Explore Climber with the ever helpful Tiny Toyologist Freddy trying to clambour all over it mid-construction!  Ever since the huge box arrived, Freddy has been waiting to get his hands on the toddler sized play equipment.  With imagination it can become a fort, a castle or a frontier outpost.  With multi-level platforms,  plank, rope, slide and crawl through tunnel, the climber helps pre-schoolers develop climbing skills and encourages role-play.

The construction of the plastic climber was quite straightforward for my husband and his electric screwdriver.  The instructions weren't the best and it was a bit tricky to get some of the screws in underneath the climber, but it was up and built well within the hour.

The completed Seek and Explore Climber is a good size, approximately 3.4m long, 1.8m wide and  1.2m high.  There are plenty of bits to climb up and on, to peek through, to slide down, crawl through and hide under.  It feels really strong and sturdy and the castle-esque design  adds to the play value.  The colours used include beige, green, blue and brown rather than bright primary colours so it is quite pleasing on the eye!

Freddy was very impressed with his new piece of play equipment.  It was a lot bigger than I had anticipated and it had plenty for Freddy to explore.  Kizzy, who is 8 loves playing with her little brother and couldn't resist having a go herself.  Shame it kept raining, cutting short their games, but we did manage to film this short video showing the Little Tikes Seek and Explore Climber in action.


The Little Tikes Seek and Explore Climber is available at Toys R Us for £199.99.


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