Monday, 1 August 2011

Top That! for Summer Holidays

We're now into the long six weeks of the summer holidays and if you are anything like me, you'll be looking for ways to keep the kids happily entertained.  Top That! Publishing have sent me two books that are just perfect, especially when travelling with little ones.

Colours is part of Top That!'s Sticker Activity Book range.  Introducing key early learning concepts is made fun with this book.  It comes with 100 re-usable stickers that children will enjoy matching to the colours on each page.  Fun activities will keep the little ones entertained, perfect on a long car, plane or ferry journey.

I love the big glossy pages which combine photography and illustrations.  The spaces for the colourful stickers complete the pictures.  The activities support National Curriculum early learning objectives and include drawing, spot the difference, dot to dot and colouring.  The book includes smiley face stickers to reward your child as they learn about colours.

Priced at just £4.49 from Top That! this lovely quality 32 page book is a perfect solution for keeping the kids happy on their travels or entertained on a rainy day.  Other titles in the series include Counting, First Words and Shapes.  They are suitable for ages 3+.

Explore, Dream, Discover is a travelling book for creative kids.  Described as a travel-diary, memory-maker, doodle-pad, brain-engager, boredom-stopper, idea-waker, captain's-log and a thought-provoker, it is a truly unique book.  It is a hard backed journal which will make a wonderful travel companion for children aged 7+.

With sections dedicated to different aspects of their holidays, children are challenged to think, predict, research and observe things before, during and after their travels.  Diary pages are made interesting as children are challenged to write their entry in imaginative ways such as in rhyme, as if they were a time traveller or from the point of view of their shoes!  There are ideas for taking holiday photos with purpose such as using reflections, framing shots through doorways or selecting interesting themes.  You can then stick in your shots on the album pages.  A storage pocket lets the child store tickets, messages, menus, leaflets etc from their holiday.  The book is packed with over 100 activities, games and projects.

I for one would have loved this book as a child.  Holiday journals are such fabulous keep sakes but can sometimes feel like a chore for the child.  This book is inspirational, fun and full of amazing ideas and children will love keeping their holiday diary and it will be something unique to look back on in future years.

Priced at £7.19 from Top That! this is a wonderful book for creative kids.  I absolutely love it!  I know my girls will enjoy filling it in on their next holiday!  

*Top That!'s When I Dream Of ABC that I reviewed here, has won the children's category of the People's Book Prize 2011 Awards.  Congratulations to Henry Fisher and Top That! on their prestigious award!!*


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