Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Bobux...Shoes for Growing Feet

From birth to 3, feet undergo an enormous amount of change.  At every stage from crawling to walking, a child's footwear needs to support healthy natural development.  New Zealand brand Bobux are innovators in children's footwear.  They have created eco-friendly footwear combining scientific and natural health research, allowing unrestricted development as baby grows.  They offer three ranges of footwear based on the philosophy that babies do better when they are comfortable, happy and free to develop as nature intended.  

The Soft Sole range is suitable for babies aged 0-27 months.  Made with eco-friendly leather and non-toxic stitching and dyes, they come in fun, colourful designs.  They have a unique elastic ankle support, and allow little feet to grip the floor, flex their muscles and spread their toes.  This helps with crawling and making first steps.  There are so many cute and gorgeous designs you'll be spoilt for choice!

Pre-Walk shoes feature a revolutionary duo-flex sole to support and not restrict natural movement during those early first steps.  They come in a range including ballet pumps, sports shoes and sandals.  They encourage a sense of confidence and freedom.

i-Walk are perfect for toddlers learning to master walking and gaining in confidence.  Their feet are still forming and to avoid malformation and spinal issues, the i-Walk shoes are designed with a soft, flexible rubber sole.  It grips and conforms to the natural walking motion of little feet, allowing them to grow and explore without restriction.  The range includes sneakers, loafers, casual shoes, sandals and boots.

Freddy was born with a condition called Syndactyly which means he has fused toes, so we are really careful about what shoes he wears on his feet.  We were delighted for him to try out a pair of i-Walk Sports Shoes.

They arrived in a sturdy box with a cellophane window in the top allowing you to see the shoes through it.  The gorgeous retro design trainers are made from top quality black and white leather and have a wide velcro fastener to secure them on little feet.

The flexible sole is anti-slip which is perfect for playing outside.  The eco-leather is fully breathable keeping little feet cool.  They are available in UK sizes 3-8 so will fit your toddler whenever they take their first steps.

Not only are these shoes really well-made, stylish, trendy and designed to be perfect for the needs of little feet,  but Freddy also loves them!  He is going through a funny toddler phase where getting dressed is an issue for him, but he really loves his new shoes!  Thankfully, that is one less problem to contend with!  They must be really comfy on his feet for him to like them so much, which is a real testament to the design of Bobux shoes.

He looks really smart in his Bobux Trainers. He runs about and plays happily whilst wearing them.  They fit beautifully with the adjustable velcro strap making sure they are snug on his foot.

They are supportive and flexible and have the flat sole recommended by podiatrists for young children to allow natural foot movement.

Freddy enjoyed a game of indoor golf  (thanks to British Summertime being a wash-out!) and looked very sporty thanks to his Bobux Sports Shoes.   I am delighted knowing that they are the best option for his growing feet during the toddler stage.  They look great as a casual shoe and are also smart enough for a more formal outfit making the design very versatile.  We love them!!

The Bobux Sports Shoes are part of Bobux's Autumn/ Winter 2011 collection.  Take a look at the website to find some fabulous End of Season bargains and to take a look at the full range of gorgeous designs for all three stages.

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