Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Gallery....Black and White

I love Black and White photography.  It has a simplicity.  A defined contrast.  Real impact.  I love the element of nostalgia that black and white photos possess, the look of a bygone era.  But I also love how the effect can be used to create a real contemporary photograph.

I've posted lots of black and white photographs from my family archives on this blog before.  Photographs of my parents in their youth, portraits of me as a baby and photos of my dear old grandparents.  However I've decided to use this week's prompt from Tara to show a modern interpretation of black and white photography. 

For this week's entry to The Gallery I have chosen to use an image that my daughter Ella created.  She is really keen on photography and enjoys playing around with photos using editing software.  I love her creativity and think she really works the b & w look!!  It goes to show that even with all the capabilities of modern technology, sometimes the old fashioned simplicity of black and white can create something really impressive.


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