Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Hello Kitty Cosmetic Case

The arrival of the Hello Kitty Cosmetic Case created a real stir in our household.  The second that Kizzy saw it, she wanted to try it out.  She loves Hello Kitty and she loves make-up.  Combining the two was a real perfect combination for her.

The bright pink case contains a selection of cosmetics and accessories and includes a light up mirror.  It takes 3 AA batteries which aren't included.

There is a lovely selection of products in the box which fit into a plastic insert keeping them neat and tidy.  However, they fitted so tightly that it was difficult to take anything out without battling the inner packaging.  We actually ended up ripping the plastic surround on the lip gloss palette as it was so hard to remove, which was a shame.  Otherwise this was a really nice set for a young girl.   It is portable so can be taken on visits when a makeover may be called for!

Freddy does some "face painting"!
Kizzy enjoyed playing with it, applying eye shadow and blusher, peel off nail varnish and roll on glitter gel.  Everything came off easily from her face with a babywipe...which was a blessing given how much she applied!  She really liked the light up mirror in the inside of the lid which made her feel like she was in a dressing room of the rich and famous. 

The Hello Kitty Cosmetic Case is available to purchase from Toys R Us for £29.99.  It is suitable for ages 3+.


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