Friday, 26 August 2011

Galt Sparkle Jewellery

The Galt Sparkle Jewellery Set is another  toy that 8 year old Kizzy was thrilled to receive and review for Toys R Us!  With 185 assorted beads, holographic stickers, silky thread and elastic, you can create sparkly necklaces and bracelets to accessorize any outfit.

The beads were quite easy to thread onto the string so it was not frustrating for Kizzy to do independently...until 2 year old Freddy tried to 'help'.  The sound of 185 beads falling onto laminate floor was really something.  Obviously, toddlers and small beads do not mix, so Daddy removed him from the room allowing Kizzy to continue with her jewellery making in peace.

The instructions were very straightforward and simple to follow, and the selection of different shaped and coloured beads was good.

Kizzy was kept occupied threading and sticking for quite some time.  She needed a little help tying the ends off, but that was the only adult assistance required. 

 It is perfect for rainy days or would be a great activity for a sleepover or birthday party for young girls. 
The Galt Sets retail for £5.99 which is a great price for so much fun!


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