Saturday, 20 August 2011

We All Love Weddings!

We've just returned from attending the wedding of my lovely friend and her new husband!  I was really panicky about taking Freddy to a formal do...the boy is not known for sitting down quietly!  However, I needn't have worried.  He did us proud (mostly) except for when he shouted "NO!!" at that bit where we have to speak out or hold our peace about objecting to the marriage!  Ian slipped him out the back door at this point, returning during the signing of the register when it was all done and dusted.

It was so lovely to see my friend looking so happy and beautiful on her wedding day.  Her 8 year old son gave her away which was a real tear jerking moment.  He looked gorgeous in his little suit, waistcoat and cravat!  It is so special to share these moments with the people we care about.  It gives you such a warm, fuzzy feeling!

Here are a few photos from our day of us in our glad rags!  Fred looked awesome in his little suit with his cute seeing a little person suited and booted!  However, now Fred's suit is covered in his dinner from the lovely sit down meal we enjoyed.  Who knew that a 2 year old could consume so much Broccoli and Stilton Soup??

Ian and I.

Me with my little three.

Is this soup eating etiquette??

Suited and booted!

Freddy in his dress shirt from My Tuxedo!

Kizzy and Ella xxx


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