Monday, 29 August 2011

Happy Birthday Pat!!

It's been three decades since Postman Pat first graced our screens as the humble postie from Greendale, who was assisted by Jess his black and white cat, as he delivered the mail from his red van.

Over the years Pat has had loads of adventures and now heads up the Special Delivery Service and flies his own helicopter!  

To celebrate Pat's 30th birthday,  a wonderful limited edition DVD is due for release on September 12th.  The shiny, metallic slipcase shows Pat and Jess with confetti and balloons...perfect to commemorate the BBC's longest running animated series on its special day!

With over 3 hours of fun, the DVD includes 8 special episodes:
  • Postman Pat's Great Big Party
  • Postman Pat Takes The Bus
  • Postman Pat & The Toy Soilders 
  • Postman Pat & The Tuba
  • Postman Pat & The Greendale Rocket
  • Postman Pat & The Barometer
  • Postman Pat Clowns AroundPostman 
  • Pat's Pirate Treasure
The Great Big Party episode sees the Greendale residents trying to organise a surprise party for Pat's birthday.  Freddy particularly loved Ted's robot machines!  Poor Pat thinks everybody has forgotten his birthday...but it's all right on the night!  They throw him a party to be proud of until the robots go beserk!

Freddy loved the classic theme tune and danced around happily as we played the DVD for him.  He loved the characters, the simple stories and the music.  It is rapidly becoming one of his favourites to watch!  It was nice to see episodes from across the was very nostalgic, taking me back to when I first watched Postman Pat with my first son 22 years ago!

This DVD is perfect for Pat fans young and old.  It also includes a bonus CD of  great big party songs which'll have Freddy up and dancing for sure!  It's a lovely way to celebrate 30 years of Postman Pat!

You can pre-order the DVD from Amazon.

**If you want to send Postman Pat a birthday card or drawing, and receive a reply for your child, check out this post here!**


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