Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Peppa Pig World at Paulton's Park Review

I've heard so much about the latest developments to Paulton's Park with this season's opening of  Peppa Pig World.  I thought it was time I checked it out for myself and so we incorporated a day trip to Paulton's Park in our long weekend away 'down south'!

We didn't have the best journey down as Freddy objected fiercely to the idea of going straight from waking up in the morning to being put straight in a car seat.  He is a boy who has a lot of energy to expend so we had to let him run some of it off before leaving, delaying my 'crack of dawn' travel plans!  Not yet old enough to understand the lure of going to see Peppa Pig, he was still unimpressed but after we sang through our entire repertoire of  kids' TV theme songs, he finally fell asleep for the last part of our 200 mile journey.

We arrived at lunch time and although the place was really busy, the car park was just a short walk to the main entrance.  Freddy instantly woke up, forgot all his woes and was raring to go!  We collected our tickets and began our adventure.

We headed straight for Peppa Pig World to let Freddy run off all that steam that he had built up in the long 3 hours preceding our arrival.  As we approached, the colourful and iconic images were met with huge excitement as Freddy shouted "Piggy" and made oinking noises!

Paulton's Park

The attention to detail that has gone into the design of Peppa Pig World is not dissimilar to that of the separate areas of Disneyland. The buildings, the sounds, the rides and the characters beautifully bring to life the world of Peppa Pig, allowing children to immerse themselves into their favourite TV show.  And were the kids loving it!  It was so busy!  Hundreds of pre-schoolers were having the best time going on rides, meeting the characters and playing around the buildings.  The queues were quite long for little ones who were chomping on the bit to get on Daddy's Car, Grandpa's Train, the Windy Castle Ride, Peppa's Balloon Ride, George's Dragon Ride, Grandpa's Boat or Miss Rabbit's Helicopter.  Consequently Freddy only got to ride the Boat and the Train due to him getting fed up whilst queuing and trying to climb over the fences...but the rides he did go on, he totally loved!

Peppa Pig
Choo-Choo Train

Paultons park, peppa pig
Grandpa's Boat
In addition to the seven rides there is an indoor play area "George's Spaceship Playzone", the wet and wonderful "Muddy Puddles" water experience and "Mr Potato's Playground".  Again, the detail was just perfect.  Freddy spent an age in the playground.  The rainbow coloured floor was great for running around.

paultons park

There were so many activities for little ones in the playground, Freddy was spoilt for choice.  It was by far the best toddler playground I had ever visited.  He was in his element so we weren't at all worried about only doing two of the seven rides.  Other theme parks could take a few lessons from Paulton's Park.  The amount of play areas and attractions suitable for toddlers was amazing.

Paulton's Park

peppa pig world

peppa pig

The shop sold more Peppa Pig merchandise than I had ever seen in one place before.  From clothing to toys to jewellery there was so much on offer.

Paulton's Park
Peppa tees!

There was not one bit of Peppa Pig Land that hadn't been carefully designed to pay homage to Peppa and her pals.  I adored the fountain, the murals and the displays of Peppa Pig related items around the area.

Peppa Pig
Freddy says hello to George.
Paultons Park, peppa Pig
Daddy Pig's Car Ride's Garage Display
Peppa Pig
Fill em up!
Paultons Park
You're never too old!
Paulton's Park
Peppa and George Fountain
Freddy absolutely adored Peppa Pig World.  Until going, he wasn't really a big fan of the show but he can now name most of the characters and shouts "Piggy" whenever he spots Peppa.  Ella and Kizzy enjoyed looking after their little brother and got swept along with the Peppa mania having a great time!!

Because the girls were so good allowing Freddy to play to his heart's content, we let them have the last two hours to do what they wanted.  Thankfully because everyone seems to be focused on Peppa Pig, the big rides did not have huge queues.  They were able to go on everything they wanted to including the Cobra Rolllercoaster, the Log Flume and the spinning Edge ride,which finished the day wonderfully leaving everyone happy!


I would highly recommend Paulton's Park and Peppa Pig World.  There is so much for little ones to do.  We only covered a fraction of the attractions and the zoo animals and immaculate gardens went unexplored.  But we were all completely happy with our day.  

You can book your tickets or Peppa Pig World breaks online and give the kids a real treat!

*We were given tickets for the purpose of this review but my opinions are unbiased.  I genuinely loved it!!*


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