Saturday, 6 August 2011

Zoobles...Spring To Life

"Far away in the mysterious land of Zooble resides hundreds of adorable little creatures, each with the ability to transform from tiny balls hiding in the unknown into cute, mysterious and quirky little creatures called Zoobles!"

We were sent a Zoobles "Mama and Zoobling" set to review Inside the Wendy House.  We received Unga and Bunga who came complete with their own "happitat" tree and swing.  Zoobles are the latest collectible from Spinmaster with over 300 to collect!  They are recommended for ages 4 and up (there are very small parts which could pose a choking hazard).

Unga is a large scale Mama Zooble and Bunga is her tiny baby Zoobling.  Both are little balls until they spring into life to become the cute, colourful and friendly little creatures.  Place Mama on the hotspot in the Happitat and she magically springs open (using concealed magnets).  Baby fits safely into Mum's back or perches on the tree or swing for added play value.

The Zoobles Mama has fold down legs so she will stand up when open.  These fold back into her body when she rolls back into a ball.  The Zoobles are very interactive little creatures which makes them more than just collectible ornaments.  They both fit nicely onto the included play set which makes a nice little scene to pop on a shelf.  Other play sets and character packs are available to add to your collection.

Here is a video of Kizzy demonstrating the Zoobles Mama and Zoobling,  Unga and Bunga set. is a lovely website for collectors with games, activities and information.

You can also like Zoobles on Facebook.

Prices start at about £5.99 for a single Zooble at Toys R Us.  Also available at other toy stockists and


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