Monday, 8 August 2011

Snowboarding Without A Mountain

Today, Kizzy got the chance to attend a Burton Riglet Snowboarding Session at Tamworth Snowdome.  It was a taster session for their Summer Camps for children aged 5 - 8 years old.

Tamworth Snowdome
Tamworth Snowdome is a fabulous venue for taking part in activities such as ice skating, skiing, tubing and tobogganing.  It has real snow all year round!

The Burton Riglet Snowboard Camp began with Kizzy being kitted out with boots, helmet and snowboard, before venturing out on a junior slope with the other junior snowboarders and the three instructors.

Burton Equipment
Parents were allowed to watch through the windows as their children were introduced to basic equipment usage and were encouraged to get used to their snowy surroundings.  They learned how to fall safely before going up the slope ready to snowboard down.

Practicing how to fall safely on the snow.
The instructors were very hands on, walking the children down the slope, holding their hands and catching them when needed!  This gave Kizzy confidence and the smile on her face as she was helped down the slope was wonderful to see.

A helping hand down the slope.
The children quickly got the basics and were never left sat waiting for long before their next go down the slope. Their progression from absolute novice to confident beginner was amazing.

My Little Snowboarder!
The session lasted for 2 hours with a short break half way through for a drink and a snack.  The session ended with 10 minutes of fun tubing where Kizzy loved being pushed spinning down the slope!

Tubing is fun.
Kizzy thought the session was "awesome!"  She said "at first you think you won't be able to do it but it is quite easy after a while.  We had tasks that were really fun and I was very happy that I was quite good at it.  The tubes at the end were really fun and I whizzed down the slope and up the ramp at the end! "  The instructors were lovely and great with the kids.

Andy and Kizzy!
The next camps are Mon-Thurs starting the 15th and 22nd of August at 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm.  The cost is £79 which includes equipment hire.  Be sure to wear warm clothing and waterproof gloves because your child could get cold and wet in the snow.  A change of trousers and socks for afterwards is a good idea to avoid driving home with a damp bottomed child!

Tired but exhilerated x
As parents, if you didn't want to wait and watch, their are great facilities at the Snowdome including a fabulous Starbucks which overlooks the ice rink.  The Snowdome is a great place for a day out with loads of activities going on.

To book the Burton Riglet Snowboard Camps phone 08448 000011 or book online.  We'd highly recommend them for an exciting, fun activity for your little ones!  Snowboarding with no mountain required!


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