Friday, 12 August 2011

Mam For Feeding Toddlers

In The 70's Mam revolutionized the nursery industry by developing safe, yet stylish products that included medical benefits not found in other brands at the time.  The first Mam pacifier was launched in 1976 and since then Mam has evolved into an industry leader designing innovative products for soothing, feeding, teething and for oral care for babies and toddlers up to 3 years of age.

Freddy was sent some products from Mam UK to test out, to see what we thought about them.

The Baby's Bowl and Fork & Spoon Set were the first products we tested out.  The bowl is lidded making it perfect for travelling or for storing food in the refrigerator.  It has a suction ring on the base to hold it firmly to baby's high chair or table. It also had a clever two levelled interior making it easier to scoop up food. Freddy received a blue bowl but they are also available in pink/lilac.

The spoon and fork set have won the Mother and Baby Bronze Award for Best Weaning Product 2010/11.  The soft, curved handles are designed to be easy for toddlers to use.  They are available in pink or blue.

Freddy had his Macaroni Cheese lunch served up to him with his Mam bowl and cutlery today.  He was most impressed.

He took to the cutlery really easily and the levels in the bowl helped him to scoop his food up easily and independently.  This made life a lot easier for us both.

We really liked both of these products.  They are BPA free and suitable for babies from 6 months +, but Freddy at 2 was very happy using them.

The Bowl retails for £5.10 and the Cutlery for £3.05 which is great value for money.

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