Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Listography...Top 5 Kids' Films

Kate has chosen favourite children's films as the theme to this week's Listography after her eventful trip to see Cars 2 at the cinema.  Her story reminded me of taken my eldest son to see Beauty and the Beast at the cinema, aged 3.  I spent the majority of the film chasing after my toddler who was crawling down the aisles underneath the legs of unwitting cinema goers who were trying to watch Disney's latest release on the big screen.  It was traumatic to say the least!

However, the experience of taking my first born to the cinema for the first time did not ruin my love of film and in fact the aforementioned Disney classic is my number 1 choice!

1: Beauty and The Beast

This may be my favourite Disney film ever.  I love Belle, the bookish, brunette who sees that beauty is more than just skin deep when she falls in love with the hairy stud muffin aka Beast.  The songs are like the real traditional Disney songs that I loved to perform in my bedroom as a child.  It's a proper fairytale brought to life with a happy ever after...perfect!

2: Toy Story (the Trilogy!!)

Toy Story is simply incredible...all three of them!  They were the first films that Freddy loved and we've ended up buying every single character in toy form from the Disney Store from Woody to Buzz to Slinky Dog and the toy soldiers.  Yes we are suckers for merchandising and seeing the wide eyed wonder on our son's face as he sets his eyes on the latest cast member that appears in his toybox!  I love the genius scripting, the randy Newman soundtrack and the fabulous casting of the voices.  Pixar perfection!

3:  Ice Age

This film has been resurrected by Freddy who is hugely amused by Scrat's adventures with his acorn.  He laughs out loud at the hapless little creature.  Subsequently, I have become quite fond of this movie.  I love how the unlikely group of animals form a herd and work together.  Good life lesson!

4: Hans Christian Anderson with Danny Kaye

How could anyone not love this film?  It reminds me of my childhood and I adore Danny Kaye.

5:  Monsters Inc

God, I am such a Disney junkie, but I can't get enough of their films!  Another Pixar classic that the whole family loves.  I cannot wait for number two to come out...I just hope that by then Freddy will be old enough to take to the cinema without re-enacting his big brother's first visit!  Somehow though I think I'll need to prepare myself for embarrassment!!


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