Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Anti-Ageing For Your Clothes!

With three kids living at home and a student daughter who regularly brings home her dirty washing, laundry constitutes up a big chunk of our daily chores.  Trying to keep our clothing looking as good as new for as long as possible is a major consideration.  Many of the girls' clothes are brightly coloured and can fade and look old.  Whites can easily discolour and look dull.

Comfort has come up with Comfort Brights designed to keep both colours and whites bright and vibrant.  I was sent a bottle of both Bright Colour and Bright White to try out for myself.  Anything that can help me with my laundry is gratefully received!

Comfort Bright has a scientific Pro-Bright formula that helps prevent running and fading, keeping clothes looking as dazzling as when they were first bought.  It's suitable for all colours from pastels to deeper shades and even works with stripes and patterns.  It is perfect for maintaining the rich hues of your favourite clothes!

Comfort Whites helps keep our basic whites looking bright and fresh.  It gently enhances the whiteness and radiance of clothing with the Pro-White formula counteracting yellow and grey tones that cause dulling.  The result is radiant whites with all the softness and freshness that Comfort brings.  

I have tried both the Bright Whites and Bright Colours Concentrated Fabric Conditioner in my laundry.  I've never used a separate fabric softener for different coloured loads before, but it makes sense that colours and whites have different needs.  The Bright Colours had a very fresh fragrance.  The Bright Whites' scent was more subtle.

The laundry came out of the machine smelling fresh and clean and it dried with the softness you expect Comfort to deliver.  The clothing retained the softness and freshness and the colours looked bright.  Ella has some new colourful stripy tops and they came out the wash well defined and vibrant.

As Comfort Brights are concentrated they use 50% less packaging per wash so they are as kind on the environment as they are on your clothes.

I hope that using Comfort Brights will keep our clothes looking newer for longer.  The Bright Whites will hopefully keep the girls' school uniform and PE kits looking bright and dazzling throughout the school year!  Ultimately this could save me money...what a great prospect!

RRP £2.25 for 750ml and £3.88 for 1.5ml.  Available nationally.


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