Monday, 13 February 2012

My Brave Baby Boy!

Today was Freddy's hospital appointment with the Ophthalmologist.  He was referred after visiting the local optician following a 'white eye photo' scare in December. As it is half term, I had my girls with me to help out with their little brother.

From the moment we arrived, Freddy was absolute charmer saying "Hello Lady," to everyone he met.  He melted a rather austere receptionist with his greeting and smiles.  It put me in a much more relaxed mood seeing Freddy taking it all in his stride.

We didn't have to wait too long in the communal waiting room with other patients awaiting blood tests, hearing tests and sexual health screenings (a worrying mix!) before being called in.  Freddy immediately began pointing at the pictures on the wall naming Peppa Pig, Winnie the Pooh and princesses.  I started thinking that we were there under false pretences!

Freddy was so co-operative with all the tests, I was so proud.  He had one of his eyes covered to test his vision.  He sailed through naming all the pictures that were shown to him, doing a great job even as the images got smaller and smaller.  He was praised on his vocabulary as he chatted away about fish, ducks, apples and cars.  I thought they would tell me he was fine and send us on our way with a clean bill of 20:20 vision.  Then they switched eyes.  I was really shocked to discover that he could hardly see a thing out of his left eye.  You could see him trying to peep out from under his covered eye.  He couldn't recognise the images at all and when prompted said "I can't see it anywhere.  It's too hard."  It was quite upsetting to see him struggle but he handled it really well and tried hard.  His 3D vision is also non-existent.

It made me realise how amazing he is to cope so well in everyday life.  He catches balls and runs around as well as any other toddler, but all this time could only really use one eye. His left eye isn't just is hibernating.

He was given eye drops to dilate his pupils and he made no fuss.  The nurse said the drops really stung and children usually cry.  But he didn't complain at all, bless him.  After 20 minutes he was seen by the doctor for further tests and she confirmed that one eye was extremely long sighted to the point of being ineffective.  She wrote up a prescription for him to get glasses.  The right lens is just glass, the left one is going to try to pull up his vision in his bad eye.  It is hoped that this will kick start the vision and 'remind' his brain on how his eye should work.  It has been caught really early, thankfully. I always have concerns about my children's vision as their paternal grandad is registered blind.

Freddy was fitted for his glasses which we pick up next week.  He has to wear them all the time.  It will be interesting trying to get him to keep them on!!  He'll be assessed again in 8 weeks. He looks very cute in his Mr Men design specs and was very excited to choose them all by himself!

Freddy's New Glasses
I'm so glad that the chain of events led me to get his eyes tested properly, therefore discovering this problem now.  No-one can tell us the long term prognosis, but whatever it is, Freddy will handle it with humour, bravery and a sense of fun!


  1. Well done Freddy for being so brave! I think he looks very handsome with his glasses on :)

  2. ahh bless him, he is so brave...Hanna has been having the drops since a similar age & I don't know how she does fuss, kids are amazing.
    Love his glasses, can't wait to see many more cute pics of him wearing them!

  3. Kids are so humbling. They take everything in their stride. It is me who gets all panicky! Ian had the drops once and still goes on about how awful it was! Kids put us adults to shame :)

  4. Aww what a brave little soul, our kids have this amazing gift, to get on with it all themselves whilst reducing parents to quivering wrecks!,

  5. Toddlers in specs do look very cute :) x

  6. NoDiscernibleTalent14 February 2012 at 00:13

    Dexter says 'hello lady' and 'thank you lady' too! It's the cutest thing! Bless little Freddy, sounds like he did wonderfully and the glasses look fab, so glad you caught it early xx

  7. Sounds like he did brilliantly, what a good boy. It's great they've caught it so early as it should be easily corrected. It won't take long before he gets the habit of always wearing them x

  8. As I assumed, Freddy looks really cute in his glasses. Let us hope that they do the trick and when you actually get his glasses that he will be wearing all the time that he keeps them on. What a little star to be so well behaved and friendly during his visit to the ophthalmologist.

  9. Aw Wendy, I'm just catching up with all this about Freddy - what a nightmare after all the hospital stuff with Ian. I'm so glad he took it all in his stride and he looks even cuter (although I didn't think that was possible) with glasses!

    I have to admit that I worry about MC's sight as my parents, me and my sister all have really bad eyesight. I've worn glasses since I was 12 and my sister since she was 3! I am severely short-sighted like my Mum and I'm lost without contacts or glasses.

    I hope in 8 weeks they will be able to tell you more.


  10. Awww, he looks adorable in his glasses, and such a good boy!

  11. What a brave boy he is. I think those are the same ones Lucas picked. He picked Mr Tickle. x

  12. Only just seen this post, what an amazing little boy you have there Wendy, although you knew that already, I'm sure he'll continue to astound you and be very good wearing his new glasses when he gets them :) x

  13. Mini has the same problems Wendy and we are due for more tests and possible operation soon

  14. Fingers crossed that both our boys get their eyes sorted and get as near to 20/20 vision as possible. Bless them! xxx



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